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Re: new F11-for-XO1 images available for testing

daniel wrote:
 > Hi,
 > I just built 2 images of F11-for-XO1 on OLPC infrastructure according
 > to my own instructions.
 > http://wiki.laptop.org/go/F11_for_XO-1
 > The first one is based on the backport that I built and tested before
 > (a few weeks ago), so it will probably work:
 > http://dev.laptop.org/~dsd/f11-xo1/os1
 > and the second one is updated with all of the recent changes that have
 > been happening in XO-1.5 software development, bringing the 2 trees in
 > sync at the present time
 > http://dev.laptop.org/~dsd/f11-xo1/os2

could someone who is running either, or both, of these images,
test the functionality of rtcwake?  i've been given some logs of
powerd malfunctioning, and it seems that rtcwake successfully
suspends the laptop, but it never wakes up -- or, rather, it wakes
up for other reasons, but not due the timeout.

specifically, try:
    time rtcwake -m mem -a -s 10

does the system wake up reliably?  the output from the 'time'
command will probably be stretched a bit -- perhaps by 2 seconds
or a little less.  but it should be fairly reproducible.

 paul fox, pgf laptop org

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