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Re: F11 for the X01- shutdown

james wrote:
 > Yioryos, it seems you and I are the only ones to see this problem, and
 > there are others who are not seeing it.

reuben caron (at 1cc) mentioned that he'd seen the shutdown thing
too.  (i believe he's set up logging in case it happens again.)

 > I wonder if it is environmental ... that is it is triggered also by
 > something else in the environment.

i think you said you'd strace'd init, and had seen the shutdown
signal, correct?  i wonder if it would be worth stracing the most
likely (e.g., under heavy development) candidates:  network
manager, X11, others?  the goal, of course, being to find out who
sent the signal to init.

(while i'm clearly relieved that powerd is definitely not
involved in some of these shutdowns, it would have narrowed the
search a lot if it _was_ the likely culprit.  :-)

 paul fox, pgf laptop org

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