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Re: F11 for the X01- shutdown

2009/7/31 Yioryos Asprobounitis <mavrothal yahoo com>:
> I had another one in the middle of the session as soon as I connected to the WiFi and tried to load a page.
> So far in 6 incidences it never happened in GNOME (statistically it should have if it was a Fedora issue) never without wifi and never with long established (>3min) wifi. The frequency is about 1 out of 10 attempts to launch an activity (presence/collaboration?) or load a web page in Browse (I also use Firefox,Midori under Sugar-though the frequency might not warrant an event) within 1min after establishing a network connection.
> So although NM is involved I do not think is responsible (see GNOME).
> Just my 2 cents.

I have a theory on this bug which I am pretty confident about:

olpc-update recently grew code to detect when a laptop is stolen. When
the laptop is stolen, it will delete the lease and power off.

See /usr/bin/olpc-update-query, the code near:
        # this machine has been reported stolen - get rid of
        # any leases and poweroff

I suggest removing the call to halt and adding some logging instead,
to confirm this theory. If you could also log the value of
str(resp_map) and show us this then it will help us diagnose the
issue. Either activation.laptop.org is saying that your laptop is
stolen, or there is some bug on the client side where it is
misinterpreting the response and thinking that it has been stolen.


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