some os9 impressions-smoke test

Yioryos Asprobounitis mavrothal at
Tue Nov 24 23:55:03 UTC 2009

--- On Tue, 11/24/09, Daniel Drake <dsd at> wrote:
> Let's keep an eye open for these in XO-1.5 builds too. I
> think all these
> bugs are present there as well.

Tried an extensive “smoke test” with os9.

Connected to MAC filter WEP WiFi. OK. 
Auto reconnect on reboot. OK
Auto-updates. Fount measure from v21 to v27
Terminal is missing. The Browse activity points to the old OLPC repository. Downloaded Terminal v19 from there.
Edited fstab to add swap on an SDcard. Reboot OK.
Did yum update. Installed: kernel i586 2.6.31_xo1-20091123.2004.1.olpc.cf78794. Updated: kernel-firmware  i586 2.6.31_xo1-20091123.2004.1.olpc.cf78794,  bitfrosti5861.0.4-1.fc11, etoys noarch  4.0.2332-2.fc11, sugar-toolkit    i586 0.84.5-1.fc11.2 and sugar  i586    0.84.7-1.fc11.6. 
Reboot. Control panel still shows “Sugar:0.84.2“

Installed mc, yumex.
Then I went to and downloaded almost everything but the GCompris. Specifically:
Terminal v30, Measure 29, Read Extras 17, Cartoon builder 6, View slides 10, Finance 2, Info Slicer 10, Flip Sticks 3, WirelessGraph 7, Jukebox 13, Colors 15,  Slider Puzzle 8, Jigsaw Puzzle 7, Bounce 7, Story Builder 15, Poll 22, Joke Machine 10, Develop 39, Socialcalc 1, Play Go 6, Tux Paint 3, Clock 5, Library 1, Get IA Books 3, xoEditor 2, Arithmetic 1, Watch Me 2, Listen and Spell 2, Block Party 7, Scribe 2, Stackattack 60801, Breakout 60801, Card Sort 4, Eat Boom 2, Sliderule 5, Domino 7, Kaleidoscope 12, Deducto 4, Color Deducto 4, falabracman 1, Hop-a-Round 2, Gonozco Uruguay 7, XO help 1, Micropolis 8 and FoodForce2 1.

Reboot start testing

-- The Good News --
Most of the activities work!
Measure 29 is now OK!
Record now records and keeps sound files.

-- The Bad (old) News --
Battery monitor, Camera, and Pippy still do not work. 

-- The Bad (new) News --
XOHelp does not start
Sliderule starts and quits immediately after it gets the application screen
Listen and spell does not speak. Beeps ok but no voice.
Talking clock in Clock 5 does not talk
Finance 2 “keep error” a breaker for this activity. No log entry either
Kaleidoscope, Breakout, StackAttack crash when they has a journal entry (on relaunch). First time or with Journal entries cleared are OK. Nothing in the logs other than a 3rd line with the journal object id.
Arithmetic also crashes when it has a journal entry (on relaunch). First time or with Journal entries cleared is OK
I guess I’ll be filling bugs

-- Minor Problems --
Typing quote (“) in Write you loose the cursor and yo can not type anymore! You must reposition and click in order to keep typing
Gonozco, Hop-a Round, Deducto, Color Deducto, do not save the games
Stop button must  be pressed twice in Deducto and Color Deducto for it to Quit
Develop shows a “keep error” if you just open the app and then cancel
Tux Paint has no journal entries (I guess is not sugarised)
Domino does not save the game if in the middle. Is also _very hard_ to play/move the pieces.
Implode, Card Sort also do not save the game in the middle

-- Wish List --
Get IA Books should be able to download the books directly without copy/pasting the link to the Browser
Multiple Journal entries for Get IA Books, Terminal, Bounce, WirelessGraph, Log, Watch Me, Falabracman, Memorize, Moon, make little sense other than a time stamp, but they clutter the Journal. Maybe activities like these could have one entry that could be time updated at least untill multiple-file erase becomes possible

Since I have only one XO, could not test collaboration in Scribe, Distance, PlayGo, Watch Me  but they work OK on the one side

-- And an old strange one --
Erasing from the Journal  the Browse-downloaded xo bundle of an activity also erases the installed Activity  !!!

Since some of these might be related to the specific XO-1 Sugar version I guess is OK to post here. 


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