powerd still has problems in os10

Yioryos Asprobounitis mavrothal at yahoo.com
Mon Nov 30 20:55:06 UTC 2009

I tried the un-unannounced f11-xo1/os10
The good (and bad) news is that powerd almost work. The XO dims and sleeps on time, but 
fails to wakeup to blank the screen (waited ~3min past the set time). As soon as user 
inputs wakes it up, it goes to blank/suspend.
Suspend and wakeup on lid and power button is OK.
The /var/log/powerd.trace also is not update beyond the 3 initial lines (bellow)
/usr/sbin/powerd: line 422:  1944 Terminated              pnmto565fb -d -f $framebuffer 
-s 999999
9 $args
/usr/sbin/powerd: line 1:  1945 Terminated              ( sleep $1; shift 1; selfinject 
rdone $(seconds) $timerseqno $* )
/usr/sbin/powerd: line 1:  1974 Terminated              sleep 9999999


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