Fedora Core 4 Update: ntp-4.2.0.a.20050816-0.FC4

Miroslav Lichvar mlichvar at redhat.com
Fri May 19 01:04:09 UTC 2006

Fedora Update Notification

Product     : Fedora Core 4
Name        : ntp
Version     : 4.2.0.a.20050816                      
Release     : 0.FC4                  
Summary     : Synchronizes system time using the Network Time Protocol (NTP).
Description :
The Network Time Protocol (NTP) is used to synchronize a computer's
time with another reference time source. The ntp package contains
utilities and daemons that will synchronize your computer's time to
Coordinated Universal Time (UTC) via the NTP protocol and NTP servers.
The ntp package includes ntpdate (a program for retrieving the date
and time from remote machines via a network) and ntpd (a daemon which
continuously adjusts system time).

Install the ntp package if you need tools for keeping your system's
time synchronized via the NTP protocol.


* Fri May 12 2006 Miroslav Lichvar <mlichvar at redhat.com> 4.2.0.a.20050816-0.FC4
- update to stable-4.2.0a-20050816
- prevent segfault when loopback interface is not configured (#159056)
- fix initscript:
  - replace -U with -u in getopts (#187003)
  - don't pass group to ntpdate -U argument and ignore -i in options (#142926)
  - set ntpconf for -c
  - remove -p 8 from ntpdate arguments
  - don't call ntpdate when step-tickers doesn't contain anything useful
    and -x isn't in options
- fix default keyfile for ntpdate (#183196)
- add option to sync hwclock after ntpdate (#179571)
- modify ntp.conf, change default restrict, remove broadcastdelay,
  use fedora.pool.ntp.org (#189667)
- don't install drift file
- update man pages (#137717, #153195, #162856)
* Mon Oct 31 2005 Petr Raszyk <praszyk at redhat.com> 4.2.0.a.20040617-10
- Rebuild
* Mon Oct 31 2005 Petr Raszyk <praszyk at redhat.com> 4.2.0.a.20040617-9
- A small bug in ntp.spec (#166773).

This update can be downloaded from:

8ff9210a29bc839191fe4b391a7ba4f7798548aa  SRPMS/ntp-4.2.0.a.20050816-0.FC4.src.rpm
32990ee780d5ddf8760c83063b781950acbce653  ppc/ntp-4.2.0.a.20050816-0.FC4.ppc.rpm
f977f6b3adb3cd07957131555d94a40c8aa1773c  ppc/debug/ntp-debuginfo-4.2.0.a.20050816-0.FC4.ppc.rpm
88ac2b71e292af7dcf68b9e14d83c59c8ba3e543  x86_64/ntp-4.2.0.a.20050816-0.FC4.x86_64.rpm
ae2531e42c847338ee7ad19eb5341200e2c53db0  x86_64/debug/ntp-debuginfo-4.2.0.a.20050816-0.FC4.x86_64.rpm
f6d423141757783817a607467fcdcbef64ba41d6  i386/ntp-4.2.0.a.20050816-0.FC4.i386.rpm
79cb1ce93189ec4898648f7cf39e5ac3770fc9bf  i386/debug/ntp-debuginfo-4.2.0.a.20050816-0.FC4.i386.rpm

This update can be installed with the 'yum' update program.  Use 'yum update
package-name' at the command line.  For more information, refer to 'Managing
Software with yum,' available at http://fedora.redhat.com/docs/yum/.

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