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Thu Aug 2 03:42:41 UTC 2007

Fedora Update Notification
2007-08-01 20:42:38.394652

Name        : xpdf
Product     : Fedora 7
Version     : 3.02
Release     : 1.fc7
Summary     : A PDF file viewer for the X Window System
Description :
Xpdf is an X Window System based viewer for Portable Document Format
(PDF) files. Xpdf is a small and efficient program which uses
standard X fonts.

Update Information:

Changes since 3.01: Added anti-aliasing for vector graphics; added the vectorAntialias xpdfrc option; added the "-aaVector" switch to xpdf and pdftoppm. Implemented stroke adjustment (always enabled by default, ignoring the SA parameter, to match Adobe's behavior), and added the strokeAdjust xpdfrc command.
Support PDF 1.6 and PDF 1.7. Added support for AES decryption.
Added support for OpenType fonts (only tested with 8-bit CFF data so far). Added user-configurable key/mouse bindings - the bind/unbind xpdfrc commands. Cleaned up the full-screen mode code and added the ability to toggle it on the fly (the default key binding is alt-f). Pdfimages with the -j option now writes JPEG files for 1-component (grayscale) DCT images, in addition to 3-component (RGB) images. Fixed bugs in handling sampled (type 0) functions with 32-bit samples. Fixed some things to support DeviceN color spaces with up to 32 colorants. Pdftops now constructs the %%Creator and %%Title DSC comments from the
relevant information in the PDF Info dictionary. Tweak the TrueType font encoding deciphering algorithm. Added the "mapUnkownCharNames" xpdfrc option. Fix a bug (that only showed up with certain window managers) in the intermediate resize event optimization. [Thanks to Michael Rogers.] Check for a broken/missing embedded font (this was causing xpdf to crash).
Added support for transfer functions in PostScript output.
Be a bit more tolerant of Link destinations that contain null values for positioning parameters. Use ordered dot dithering instead of clustered dot dithering at resolutions below 300 dpi (for monochrome output). Fixed security holes (bounds checking issues) in several places. Don't bother creating a SplashFont (allocating memory) for fonts that are only used for hidden text - this avoids problems with fonts of unreasonably large sizes.
Clipping in TextOutputDev was off for characters on the left edge of the page. The scn and SCN operators weren't correctly handling colors with more than four components. FoFiType1::writeEncoded wasn't always correctly finding the end of the encoding. Use the ColorTransform parameter in the DCTDecode stream dictionary. Type 3 fonts are allowed to have a bbox of [0 0 0 0], which means  "unspecified" -- don't issue error messages in that case. Perform the transform (to device space) in Splash instead of in SplashOutputDev -- this is needed to correctly handle round joins
 and caps on stroked paths. PSOutputDev now rasterizes any pages that use transparency. Limit the crop, bleed, trim, and art boxes to the edges of the media box (per the PDF spec). Change GString to increase the allocation increment by powers of two. Handle whitespace in hex strings in CMap files/streams. Use strings instead of names for separation colorant names in PSOutputDev.
For explicitly masked images where the mask is higher resolution than the image, use the soft mask code. Avoid problems with very large x-steps in the PostScript output for tiling pattern fills.
Avoid a divide-by-zero in stitching functions which have a subfunction with empty bounds. Honor the "Hidden", "NoView", and "Print" flags on annotations. Rewrote the pixel rendering code in Splash to use a single set of pixel pipeline functions. Added support for transparency groups and soft masks. Fixed the transparency blend functions to match the addendum published
 by Adobe. Changed Splash/SplashBitmap to store alpha in a separate plane. Setting the color space now selects the correct default color for that color space. Remove the mutex lock from GlobalParams::getErrQuiet() to avoid a deadlock when parseCIDToUnicode() or parseUnicodeToUnicode() calls it from inside a locked section. Added error checking (on the argument count) in the sc/SC/scn/SCN operators. Skip over notdef glyphs in TrueType fonts (which sometimes get drawn as little boxes), to match Adobe's behavior. Painting operations in a Separation color space with the "None" colorant or a DeviceN color space with all colorants set to "None" never mark the page. Fixed an obscure bug in the JPX decoder - it wasn't reading the extra stuffing byte in the case where the last byte of a packet header was 0xff. Change the TrueType font parser (FoFiTrueType) to change the glyph count rather than report an error if the 'loca' table is too small.
Fixed a couple of bugs in the JBIG2 decoder. Added stochastic clustered dot dithering. Added the screenType, screenSize, screenDotRadius, screenGamma, screenBlackThreshold, and screenWhiteThreshold xpdfrc settings. PSOutputDev now correctly handles invalid Type 3 charprocs which don't start with a d0 or d1 operator. FreeType 2.2.x support - get rid of the FT_INTERNAL_OBJECTS_H include, and add some 'const' declarations.
Handle PDFDocEncoding in Info dictionary strings. Tweak the xref repair code - ignore whitespace at the start of lines when looking for objects. Added the "-exec" switch to xpdf. Removed the xpdf.viKeys X resource. Changed the color key / explicit masked image code in PSOutputDev to generate better PS code, including a Level 3 option. Tweaked the DEBUG_MEM code for performance. Move the JBIG2 global stream reading code into reset() instead of the constructor - this way, pdftotext doesn't end up reading the global stream. Added the "-preload" option to pdftops and the psPreload xpdfrc command. Added the "zoom to selection" command (on the popup menu). Fix a bug (in xpdf/pdftoppm/pdftops) with tiling patterns whose bbox size is different from their xStep/yStep. Implemented stroke with pattern color spaces. Following a link to a page whose CropBox was different from the MediaBox was resulting in an incorrect scroll position. Parse truncated date strings from the Info dictionary correctly. Change FoFiType1 to handle Type 1 fonts with two /Encoding keys. Extend the PSOutputDev shaded fill code to handle DeviceCMYK shaded fills in level2sep and level3sep modes. Detect infinite loops in the Page tree. Optimized the ASCII85Encoder code. Tweaked the text extractor to do a better job of lining up rows of text. Leave images compressed (or re-compress them with RLE) in PostScript output when setting up images for forms and Type 3 fonts (or with -preload). Extend FoFiType1 to handle Type 1 fonts with octal character codes in their encodings. Use a custom string formatter to avoid problems with locale-based decimal formatting (commas instead of periods) in PS output.
Allow comments in PostScript-type functions. Change the TrueType font parser (FoFiTrueType) to delete glyf table entries that are too short.

* Wed Aug  1 2007 Tom "spot" Callaway <tcallawa at redhat.com> 1:3.02-1
- bump to 3.02
- patch in security fix
- add arabic, greek, hebrew, latin2, turkish lang support

  [ 1 ] Bug #210865
  [ 2 ] Bug #176023
Updated packages:

f6ccfa0206c4fc9447ac08b87c51882544c8bbf1 xpdf-debuginfo-3.02-1.fc7.ppc64.rpm
456baf013dda7cd0d21a72af886c5a625465fb68 xpdf-3.02-1.fc7.ppc64.rpm
f28386cbcc5f2a2bd0dcb2b59d096da95246c0bf xpdf-3.02-1.fc7.i386.rpm
6496c6a0565eb2e97048e74088df358ac94e041a xpdf-debuginfo-3.02-1.fc7.i386.rpm
c8fa16cd2989049628ad07aed33803a4254893d4 xpdf-3.02-1.fc7.x86_64.rpm
781d67b3b6d188a76dbdd30e524650e3e65129db xpdf-debuginfo-3.02-1.fc7.x86_64.rpm
e983796ef54c589a5d866d0281445134d5ec6a9b xpdf-3.02-1.fc7.ppc.rpm
4c3cbb382a44e897f4b4a3fb65b9e078eca08272 xpdf-debuginfo-3.02-1.fc7.ppc.rpm
e4efd50055f916cecba401a463f97a80056314a3 xpdf-3.02-1.fc7.src.rpm

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