[SECURITY] Fedora Core 6 Update: kernel-

Chuck Ebbert cebbert at redhat.com
Thu Aug 9 14:24:05 UTC 2007

Fedora Update Notification

Product     : Fedora Core 6
Name        : kernel
Version     :
Release     : 32.fc6
Summary     : The Linux kernel (the core of the Linux operating system)
Description :
The kernel package contains the Linux kernel (vmlinuz), the core of any
Linux operating system.  The kernel handles the basic functions
of the operating system:  memory allocation, process allocation, device
input and output, etc.

Update Information:

Rebase kernel to

Includes the CFS scheduler from upstream kernel 2.6.23.

Fixes since initial 2.6.22 test kernel was released:
Fix timer problems and failure to boot.
Fix failure to boot on PS3.
Fix failure to initialize Hpt37x ATA controllers.
Hopefully fix atl1 ethernet controller DMA.
Add RAID autostart (dropped during initial rebase.)
Fix oops in xfrm4, reported on Fedora 7.

The decode_choice function in
net/netfilter/bf_conntrack_h323_asn1.c in the Linux kernel
before 2.6.22 allows remote attackers to cause a denial of
service (crash) via an encoded, out-of-range index value for
a choice field, which triggers a NULL pointer dereference.

* Wed Aug  1 2007 Chuck Ebbert <cebbert at redhat.com>
- fix crash in xfrm4
- restore md driver START_ARRAY ioctl
* Mon Jul 30 2007 Chuck Ebbert <cebbert at redhat.com>
- sync the CFS scheduler timekeeping changes with upstream
- fix DMI strings in HP notebook quirk for ALI controller
- revert upstream "genirq: do not mask interrupts by default"
* Wed Jul 25 2007 Chuck Ebbert <cebbert at redhat.com>
- kernel requires newer version of cpuspeed
- pata_hpt37x: Fix 2.6.22 clock PLL regression (#249254)
- atl1: possibly fix DMA bugs (#249511)
* Mon Jul 23 2007 Chuck Ebbert <cebbert at redhat.com>
- set CONFIG_DEBUG_SHIRQ only in -debug kernels
* Mon Jul 23 2007 Chuck Ebbert <cebbert at redhat.com>
- set CONFIG_USB_DEVICE_CLASS (should fix #249211)
* Mon Jul 23 2007 Jarod Wilson <jwilson at redhat.com>
- Re-enable aes-i586 and twofish-i586 for i686 kernels (#249158)
* Fri Jul 20 2007 Chuck Ebbert <cebbert at redhat.com>
- SDHCI: clear the error interrupt bit
- ftdi_sio: fix oops
* Fri Jul 20 2007 Chuck Ebbert <cebbert at redhat.com>
- utrace update
- CFS scheduler update
* Thu Jul 19 2007 Chuck Ebbert <cebbert at redhat.com>
- restore the libata COMBINED_MODE hacks
- restore the old firewire stack
- new utrace backport
* Tue Jul 17 2007 Chuck Ebbert <cebbert at redhat.com>
- disable the nohz and highres kernel options
  by default -- enable with 'nohz=yes highres=yes'
* Tue Jul 17 2007 Chuck Ebbert <cebbert at redhat.com>
- gfs2: update to the latest
- sched: fix show_task()/show_tasks() output
- sched: fix newly idle load balance in case of SMT
- sched: fix the all pinned logic in load_balance_newidle()
- fix leaks of struct seq_operations
- fix leaks of ref to user struct
- pata_atiixp: add SB700 PCI ID
- ata_piix: fix pio/mwdma programming
- sdhci: add ene controller id
- sdhci: Fix "Unexpected interrupt" handling
* Mon Jul 16 2007 Chuck Ebbert <cebbert at redhat.com>
- bluetooth: hangup tty before releasing rfcomm
- driver core: get driver properly during release
- net scheduler: fix deadlock
- input: rfkill driver screws up the CPU flags
- acpi-cpufreq: make register write work properly again
* Mon Jul 16 2007 Chuck Ebbert <cebbert at redhat.com>
- add proper caching of last_ctl to the 'unbreak SMART' fix
* Mon Jul 16 2007 Dave Jones <davej at redhat.com>
- Unbreak SMART on libata.
* Mon Jul 16 2007 Dave Jones <davej at redhat.com>
- Disable warnings that trigger due to disabled USB suspend.
* Thu Jul 12 2007 Dave Jones <davej at redhat.com>
- Some systems have a HPET which is not incrementing, which leads
  to a complete hang.  Detect it during HPET setup.
* Thu Jul 12 2007 Dave Jones <davej at redhat.com>
- Replace the pcspkr private PIT lock by the global PIT lock to
  serialize the PIT access all over the place.
* Thu Jul 12 2007 Chuck Ebbert <cebbert at redhat.com>
- ata: update noncq list
- idr: multiple bugfixes
- tcp: sack fix leak msgs
- vbe: always save ddc data
* Thu Jul 12 2007 Jarod Wilson <jwilson at redhat.com>
- Fix up some uname -r issues in certain kernel version
  cases (due to new versioning scheme)
* Wed Jul 11 2007 Chuck Ebbert <cebbert at redhat.com>
- jbd: fix transaction dropping (kernel oops)
* Wed Jul 11 2007 Dave Jones <davej at redhat.com>
- NFS: Add the mount option "nosharecache"
* Wed Jul 11 2007 Chuck Ebbert <cebbert at redhat.com>
* Wed Jul 11 2007 Dave Jones <davej at redhat.com>
- Revert mkinitrd requires: bump to what's in FC6.
* Wed Jul 11 2007 Dave Jones <davej at redhat.com>
- Remove the x86-64 tickless patches, they aren't ready.
* Tue Jul 10 2007 Dave Jones <davej at redhat.com>
- Fix issue with PIE randomization (#246623).
* Tue Jul 10 2007 Chuck Ebbert <cebbert at redhat.com>
- sky2: re-enable lost interrupt workarounds
- aacraid: ioctl handler needs permission check
* Mon Jul  9 2007 Dave Jones <davej at redhat.com>
- Disable forced HPET on ESB2 too
* Mon Jul  9 2007 Chuck Ebbert <cebbert at redhat.com>
- changed default TCP/IPV4 congestion control to CUBIC
* Mon Jul  9 2007 Dave Jones <davej at redhat.com>
- Rebase to 2.6.22

This update can be downloaded from:

abdaee6fc94d926eb1b8e1d79de297f151c99294  SRPMS/kernel-
abdaee6fc94d926eb1b8e1d79de297f151c99294  noarch/kernel-
9e73013c5d6226dc9d8c5f71f00f5ae9432aaed4  ppc/kernel-
1d26491528ce1532d970a9945c5a32d8700b7b1d  ppc/debug/kernel-debuginfo-common-
5d51c602cdf3751a8dc9e78ba2d3550a58e9e505  ppc/kernel-smp-devel-
0101bf571372bb303dcc657b7eaad417dcd5ffc9  ppc/kernel-headers-
a7fc186cbcf01a2b6a2f24723f9d1dbbb52286d0  ppc/kernel-devel-
2945602daf04459345f9434c995317cb35d2abc4  ppc/debug/kernel-debuginfo-
64cf4a36af732ebeafc077bc82d3d8f0338246cd  ppc/kernel-smp-
e3a67a4a79fbedfc3a9b97594461317cdf277076  ppc/debug/kernel-smp-debuginfo-
71e842b7eac25943241f1de286f65e768de37926  ppc/kernel-doc-
937ac9b5280eaa4208636fb8e00886183d20a953  x86_64/kernel-debug-
309538cf2e8a9833c1a23387d053e36c81b0f870  x86_64/debug/kernel-debuginfo-common-
878faa618cf216c1ed97f88f5c442a6f2d53424d  x86_64/debug/kernel-debuginfo-
38a4c516e8411dfb5039ffc96a07973595ad21b5  x86_64/kernel-devel-
dd91f8a97f2dc243c1f8662e6567521282b3425b  x86_64/debug/kernel-debug-debuginfo-
0bfbeedd83722b7b76675eed11677125122c9d88  x86_64/kernel-
0edf72dc60daf152af86e702495c4dd20a58fcca  x86_64/kernel-debug-devel-
e26de97f425a486652adbe1958753036a5c2284a  x86_64/kernel-headers-
71e842b7eac25943241f1de286f65e768de37926  x86_64/kernel-doc-
446d602bb160b02169528f15fdcc7596d720476b  i386/kernel-headers-
8aeddbb9befc46adc5ecbacc8bee2e8667b0f7fd  i386/kernel-devel-
deb74e2fea482ba1761ccaf914d51dc0f72f9098  i386/kernel-
a74007d55e15d92b3d7a95c3ae29789a544a8016  i386/debug/kernel-debuginfo-common-
f7adaf33d45382d514a43240b210e0c83f33d2d9  i386/debug/kernel-debuginfo-
edb58e2a5a4e7ecb530b72c13042d74a7c8cc515  i386/debug/kernel-debug-debuginfo-
cc0fa329d0c7939aa299c64f629b6f7ce7031662  i386/kernel-debug-devel-
fb57449a45fc620fa12ab2b95a153857d9e27687  i386/debug/kernel-PAE-debuginfo-
897bb61d2655c5594e7889b03680646931355458  i386/kernel-PAE-debug-
fde6b5a51c2db8f7fb4385bd7de4b02f69c8e0d3  i386/debug/kernel-PAE-debug-debuginfo-
c999617cc4980ebe847efd92b61832c819f7cfb8  i386/kernel-devel-
e1800177cc6f87c6e319aa8dda6cca2d3bab358d  i386/kernel-PAE-
043562ae0b6c336c9af210de07bae822b475ea83  i386/kernel-debug-
ff10ba69ffe03ae4b559f207aa5851463db60ecf  i386/debug/kernel-debuginfo-
cfccfdb9b918a4eafc90e5133a3a204d48b49b57  i386/kernel-PAE-debug-devel-
9fe14732ff2604338f524655c34e3b14bbc5555b  i386/debug/kernel-debuginfo-common-
54a4bb489ce1093cca62f6b7a94bbb8c1ecd1287  i386/kernel-
a53d888480d5b133b15859394c97ea0b88306d2c  i386/kernel-PAE-devel-
71e842b7eac25943241f1de286f65e768de37926  i386/kernel-doc-

This update can be installed with the 'yum' update program.  Use 'yum update
package-name' at the command line.  For more information, refer to 'Managing
Software with yum,' available at http://fedora.redhat.com/docs/yum/.

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