Fedora Core 6 Update: glibc-2.5-18.fc6

Jakub Jelinek jakub at redhat.com
Thu Jul 12 22:51:40 UTC 2007

Fedora Update Notification

Product     : Fedora Core 6
Name        : glibc
Version     : 2.5
Release     : 18.fc6
Summary     : The GNU libc libraries.
Description :
The glibc package contains standard libraries which are used by
multiple programs on the system. In order to save disk space and
memory, as well as to make upgrading easier, common system code is
kept in one place and shared between programs. This particular package
contains the most important sets of shared libraries: the standard C
library and the standard math library. Without these two libraries, a
Linux system will not function.


* Wed Jul  4 2007 Jakub Jelinek <jakub at redhat.com> 2.5-18.fc6
- save/restore errno around reading /etc/default/nss (BZ#4702)
- fix LD_HWCAP_MASK handling
* Wed Jun 27 2007 Jakub Jelinek <jakub at redhat.com> 2.5-17.fc6
- disable workaround for #210748 and #211133, instead backport
  ld.so locking fixes from the trunk (#235026)
- Korean charsets additions (BZ#3954, BZ#3955)
- fix handling of 2001::/32 IPv6 addresses in getaddrinfo (BZ#4102)
- add inline optimization for fgetc_unlocked
- fix handling of 172.{1[7-9],2[0-9],3[01]}/16 IPv4 addresses in
- make sure NULL checks in routines with nonnull attribute aren't
  optimized away
- don't write uninitialized padding bytes to nscd socket
- avoid misaligned reads/writes in gethostbyname_r (#243967, BZ#4381)
- fix dl{,v}sym, dl_iterate_phdr and dlopen if some library is
  mapped into ld.so's inter-segment hole on x86_64 (#244545)
- fix LD_AUDIT=a:b program (#180432)
- don't crash on pseudo-zero long double values passed to
  *printf on i?86/x86_64/ia64 (BZ#4586)
- fix *printf %La and strtold with some hexadecimal floating point
  constants on ppc/ppc64
- fix nextafterl on ppc/ppc64
- robust mutex fixes (BZ#4512)
- *printf fixes (BZ#4514)
- as_IN updates (#218035)
- use MADV_DONTNEED in malloc (#237711)
- fix sem_timedwait on i?86 and x86_64
- fix dladdr if some shared library is mapped into ld.so intersegment
  VM hole (#232224, BZ#4131)
- fdatasync is a cancellation point (BZ#4465)
- add a temporary hack to avoid reruning DSO initializers if dlopen
  is called from _dl_fini destructors (#234946)
- add transliteration for <U2044> (BZ#3213)
- fix *scanf with %f on hexadecimal floats without exponent (BZ#4342)
- fix *printf with very large precisions for %s (#238406, BZ#4438)
- fix inet_ntop size checking for AF_INET (BZ#4439)
- for *printf %e avoid 1.000e-00, for exponent 0 always use + sign (#238431)
* Fri Apr 27 2007 Jakub Jelinek <jakub at redhat.com> 2.5-13.fc6
- fix application crashes when doing NSS lookups through nscd
  mmapped databases and nscd decides to start garbage collection
  during the lookups (#219145, #225315)
- fix NIS+ __nisfind_server (#235229)
- assorted NIS+ speedups (#233460)
- fix power6 libm compat symbols on ppc32 (#232633)
- fix child refcntr in NPTL fork (#230198)
- fix ifaddrs with many net devices on > 4KB page size arches (#230151)
- fix pthread_mutex_timedlock on x86_64 (#228103)
- fix HAVE_LIBCAP configure detection (#178934)
- fix double free in fts_close (#222089)
- fix vfork+execvp memory leak (#221187)
- further localedef robustification (#203728)
- fix printf with %g and values tiny bit smaller than 1.e-4 (#235864,
  BZ#4362, BZ#4070)
- fix _XOPEN_VERSION (BZ#4364)
- nexttoward*/nextafter* fixes (BZ#3306)
- various fixes (BZ#3919, BZ#4101, BZ#4130, BZ#4181, BZ#4069, BZ#3458,
  BZ#3348, BZ#4344, BZ#4368, BZ#4305, BZ#4306)
- fix nftw with FTW_CHDIR on / (BZ#4076)
- nscd fixes (BZ#4074)
- fix euidaccess (BZ#3842)
- assorted locale data fixes (BZ#3322, BZ#3995, BZ#3884, BZ#3851, BZ#4411)
- fix strptime (BZ#3944)
- fix regcomp with REG_NEWLINE (BZ#3957)
- fix %0lld printing of 0LL on 32-bit architectures (BZ#3902)
- soft-fp fixes (BZ#2749)
- further strtod fixes (BZ#3855)
- update ru and sv translations
- fix fesetround return value on ia64
- fix nscd SIGHUP database invalidation
- add a workaround for #210748 and #211133
- fix NIS getservbyname when proto is NULL

This update can be downloaded from:

81e79b410321523e761865a45a32b0841ca15341  SRPMS/glibc-2.5-18.fc6.src.rpm
81e79b410321523e761865a45a32b0841ca15341  noarch/glibc-2.5-18.fc6.src.rpm
e9d0ef1ad4c55d75c1a159ebae1d116100dd279b  ppc/glibc-2.5-18.fc6.ppc.rpm
50dd3f52475af512a149d391b03fb30c03ea8e96  ppc/glibc-common-2.5-18.fc6.ppc.rpm
03f574f3b57ddcdaadbe694c107cfebdcc9af3bd  ppc/nscd-2.5-18.fc6.ppc.rpm
e589cb6b671bfa218e12cbab4181edc0b10675d2  ppc/debug/glibc-debuginfo-2.5-18.fc6.ppc.rpm
d07b456eb54772b832ce0ef7f0113d8fd9ccf960  ppc/glibc-utils-2.5-18.fc6.ppc.rpm
1d01ccb0b8737627d84fc7f6d6c4f8b1c4b30ef1  ppc/glibc-headers-2.5-18.fc6.ppc.rpm
b91c85de9e49b86c8b70bba6228947afdd1e441a  ppc/glibc-devel-2.5-18.fc6.ppc.rpm
161b0c5ff7f64ee36755c7e3accdd6009cedb45c  x86_64/glibc-headers-2.5-18.fc6.x86_64.rpm
d22bde433f17a0421d525edd44ef9447240fd744  x86_64/nscd-2.5-18.fc6.x86_64.rpm
f20b8bf8a26a936a4528315d4085b619b192406b  x86_64/glibc-utils-2.5-18.fc6.x86_64.rpm
0998e1aa2c9de06d69cd0dffeb48ab0e05150d6c  x86_64/debug/glibc-debuginfo-2.5-18.fc6.x86_64.rpm
e8cd0611e2b553eff3e4aa9f14bf9fd09dbad8ee  x86_64/glibc-2.5-18.fc6.x86_64.rpm
4daff593063f2a36e14ab0436f2cdc429db7951d  x86_64/glibc-common-2.5-18.fc6.x86_64.rpm
302bbec6056a54eba0f28b450e206151d8c6c55c  x86_64/glibc-devel-2.5-18.fc6.x86_64.rpm
82ddbdedccf12f5db06190a4140629a26b67fe3d  i386/debug/glibc-debuginfo-2.5-18.fc6.i386.rpm
24ec8d6a19dbbc8f631e566910a561b2a25c385b  i386/glibc-utils-2.5-18.fc6.i386.rpm
0d526a45436f1c82bab7bd74928ebec71fdbfbdb  i386/glibc-headers-2.5-18.fc6.i386.rpm
4f8cb2f2be18dd9e6e306b5fec7313f2406ef614  i386/debug/glibc-debuginfo-common-2.5-18.fc6.i386.rpm
12958de18696bdccb6f7c06943b1c601abd82a2f  i386/glibc-devel-2.5-18.fc6.i386.rpm
4111ac6f35b2f80d8321b15f13a4eb89d2c8edb3  i386/glibc-common-2.5-18.fc6.i386.rpm
22e279b4b44e619a43450132155796e22c13a185  i386/nscd-2.5-18.fc6.i386.rpm
1edf17c074375a27691cf08b522c82f9ed38c306  i386/glibc-2.5-18.fc6.i386.rpm
6246e99b45dc446943f567846dbcce38865da92c  i386/debug/glibc-debuginfo-2.5-18.fc6.i686.rpm
cefc40c9e4a647e38634eab9393a4c094df559a7  i386/glibc-2.5-18.fc6.i686.rpm

This update can be installed with the 'yum' update program.  Use 'yum update
package-name' at the command line.  For more information, refer to 'Managing
Software with yum,' available at http://fedora.redhat.com/docs/yum/.

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