Fedora Core 6 Update: gnupg-1.4.7-5

Nalin Dahyabhai nalin at redhat.com
Mon Mar 19 23:04:07 UTC 2007

Fedora Update Notification

Product     : Fedora Core 6
Name        : gnupg
Version     : 1.4.7
Release     : 5
Summary     : A GNU utility for secure communication and data storage.
Description :
GnuPG (GNU Privacy Guard) is a GNU utility for encrypting data and
creating digital signatures. GnuPG has advanced key management
capabilities and is compliant with the proposed OpenPGP Internet
standard described in RFC2440. Since GnuPG doesn't use any patented
algorithm, it is not compatible with any version of PGP2 (PGP2.x uses
only IDEA for symmetric-key encryption, which is patented worldwide).

Update Information:

This update corrects a packaging error which prevented the
binaries which were included in the previous update from
being able to find locale data.
* Mon Mar 12 2007 Nalin Dahyabhai <nalin at redhat.com> - 1.4.7-5
- "override" localedir, because autoconf < 2.60 didn't set it, causing gnupg
  to not find its locale data (#231595)

This update can be downloaded from:

6c4ab79777cc20290945269496043ce3005a5738  SRPMS/gnupg-1.4.7-5.src.rpm
6c4ab79777cc20290945269496043ce3005a5738  noarch/gnupg-1.4.7-5.src.rpm
bdc48427bbc61c953533c38539156a3dd8ce6060  ppc/debug/gnupg-debuginfo-1.4.7-5.ppc.rpm
67f367a21c7f6017c73a998582cb09c355a5c97a  ppc/gnupg-1.4.7-5.ppc.rpm
31ad3b3e074a53a116bed35291b6d82359fa5dbb  x86_64/debug/gnupg-debuginfo-1.4.7-5.x86_64.rpm
2b5bc7091fd7e0d6f0b3f8ddebab4f6eec2fba8e  x86_64/gnupg-1.4.7-5.x86_64.rpm
e9a2002d1899875d5b2290617aaf660f95d9bcc7  i386/gnupg-1.4.7-5.i386.rpm
9d78644ee6ba983cec4eb909e283c549d30ef566  i386/debug/gnupg-debuginfo-1.4.7-5.i386.rpm

This update can be installed with the 'yum' update program.  Use 'yum update
package-name' at the command line.  For more information, refer to 'Managing
Software with yum,' available at http://fedora.redhat.com/docs/yum/.

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