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Mon Nov 5 15:10:30 UTC 2007

Fedora Update Notification
2007-11-05 15:07:45.387334

Name        : kernel
Product     : Fedora 7
Version     :
Release     : 21.fc7
URL         : []
Summary     : The Linux kernel (the core of the Linux operating system)
Description :
The kernel package contains the Linux kernel (vmlinuz), the core of any
Linux operating system.  The kernel handles the basic functions
of the operating system:  memory allocation, process allocation, device
input and output, etc.

Update Information:

Fix e100 network adapter crash at startup.
Add Powerbook input driver (#358721).
Fix some problems with Intel wireless adapters.
ACPI suspend/resume fixes.
Fix CIFS reconnection and kernel memory corruption bugs.
x86_64: fix crash on boot with some AGP chips.
Add support for new Wacom tablets.
Fix TSC clocksource calibration bugs.
Provide the hamradio hardware and network protocol drivers.
Fix hang in ptrace when trying to access invalid memory areas.


* Thu Nov  1 2007 Chuck Ebbert <cebbert at redhat.com>
- e100: don't crash on startup
* Wed Oct 31 2007 Chuck Ebbert <cebbert at redhat.com>
- Copy iwl wireless updates from Fedora 8 (#349981).
- Fix read after direct IO write returning stale data.
- Fix hang in ptrace trying to access beyond end of VMA.
- Add Powerbook HID input driver to x86_64 build (#358721).
* Tue Oct 30 2007 Chuck Ebbert <cebbert at redhat.com>
- Use upstream fixes for monotonic stime/utime.
- Another ACPI suspend/resume fix.
- Disable PCI mmconfig by default (like Fedora 8.)
* Tue Oct 30 2007 Chuck Ebbert <cebbert at redhat.com>
- CIFS: fix reconnect when incomplete packet is received
* Mon Oct 29 2007 Chuck Ebbert <cebbert at redhat.com>
- Fix oops for some x86_64 systems with AGP (#249174, #336281)
- Properly synchronize IRQs
- CIFS: fix file corruption when server returns EAGAIN (F8 #357001)
- serial: support new Wacom pads (F8 #352811)
- md/raid5: fix data corruption race
- i386: TSC calibration fixes
- x86_64: fix races in TLB flushing code
* Mon Oct 29 2007 Chuck Ebbert <cebbert at redhat.com>
- Enable hamradio drivers.
* Wed Oct 24 2007 Roland McGrath <roland at redhat.com>
- Install System.map in kernel-devel packages.
* Tue Oct 23 2007 John W. Linville <linville at redhat.com>
- remove problematic hunk from ath5k fixes patch
* Mon Oct 22 2007 Chuck Ebbert <cebbert at redhat.com>
- Don't create /sys/module/nousb/ (bz #242715)
* Fri Oct 19 2007 John W. Linville <linville at redhat.com>
- iwl4965-base.c: fix off-by-one errors
- ipw2100: send WEXT scan events
- rt2x00: Add new rt73usb USB ID
- zd1211rw, fix oops when ejecting install media
- rt2x00: Fix residual check in PLCP calculations.
- rtl8187: Fix more frag bit checking, rts duration calc
- iwlwifi: set correct base rate for A band in rs_dbgfs_set_mcs
- iwlwifi: Fix rate setting in probe request for HW scan
* Thu Oct 18 2007 Chuck Ebbert <cebbert at redhat.com>
- Add missing ACPI patch.
- Switch to upstream libata DMA disable code
  (libata.pata_dma parameter is now libata.dma)
- Remove some new/experimental items from config.
* Thu Oct 18 2007 John W. Linville <linville at redhat.com>
- avoid null ptr dereference in rx path of zd1201 driver
* Wed Oct 17 2007 Chuck Ebbert <cebbert at redhat.com>
- latest ath5k from Fedora 8
- fix another suspend/resume bug
* Wed Oct 17 2007 John W. Linville <linville at redhat.com>
- iee80211: fix an endian bug
- mac80211: change BSSID list key to (BSSID, SSID, frequency) tuple
- mac80211: make honor IW_SCAN_THIS_ESSID
- mac80211: don't fail IE parse if junk at end of frame
* Fri Oct 12 2007 Chuck Ebbert <cebbert at redhat.com>
- Linux
- Firewire multi-LUN fixes (#242254)
- Fix lockdep problems in Firewire
- Fix CPU time accounting
* Wed Oct 10 2007 Chuck Ebbert <cebbert at redhat.com>
- Linux 2.6.23
Updated packages:

f9a5da45717ad4be670d96af5102c4326c508611 kernel-doc-
aa51700a4a8a401e4450a7843e201471a16c54f8 kernel-headers-
b0621d13718b2e723f0332e7c7361205bd5dd5ba kernel-PAE-debug-
1a009030898c2ca873595d8e9569023b2efcf494 kernel-PAE-devel-
003de6e95c2ed0871baa61fb1dc6c70548ae4c2b kernel-PAE-
c8179aa221f3f941eae58a49b6ae8b19a914389e kernel-devel-
7ff55372d5893c371233ed7e3729506f7f7cf2e2 kernel-debuginfo-
ecec7ce3815e678b13639561a4509987af1c1f5d kernel-PAE-debug-debuginfo-
7f7f06b7f7f29a4e9118c0d570539bd24b4f6d04 kernel-debuginfo-common-
831151e89a38a684a5cccc5f843c87be82b72220 kernel-debug-
10e8b7f9e4ef4d21cccbd920e7493fb72859dbd1 kernel-
7674d786cd41070eb68c0f1fd4c5eb5a90920a72 kernel-PAE-debuginfo-
e15d6923e81c92eafa3f586135d5cabff6e9850f kernel-debug-debuginfo-
27a171ded97463c310a03d1354ac65f76fa2ac57 kernel-PAE-debug-devel-
1abdfcc3d4862af0e85ea403b3f9f89fc38a48cd kernel-debug-devel-
7eba5f7071f4923187395f0f2dcd7ea1afd4132f kernel-debuginfo-common-
46de49f6487f29c329a4c43efefcedb092972805 kernel-kdump-devel-
11c23cd24117545f9badef5e1f9c837ffdbb0d87 kernel-kdump-debuginfo-
11abd0a2a3ec55d058d9cb57a11c2c9cd0b8c380 kernel-headers-
59e1142c9c2a40b462e9c6811c8cc73c2f7c62d2 kernel-kdump-
4d85dc29fb363f46ded5c8ffc5c1f326c11808a8 kernel-debuginfo-
f35576dba2d43b7bca23007dafcac4be42b2fd5d kernel-devel-
59a57dd47f406a502adc19a5ccba822d9ed7b28d kernel-
a04fd8ccddc4db7bd123d5700aad8ea541cf432a kernel-
a149970893a827735df34b772d6b26db9e5fe2c2 kernel-debuginfo-common-
c2f37a00ad28cfc5714625dacb61b61f34d2705f kernel-devel-
0725bf90f8e3824988646178cd7cf755461194b9 kernel-debuginfo-
9745aa5fce724d83c03b7ac41f31ac885e6fdf41 kernel-
de67422bdaa935c6885316bedea04e1fa003b8ca kernel-debug-debuginfo-
523c05627a17375ea5fbdc2489a9682a4d249faf kernel-debug-
3048839fe0f0ceef6022208306f2603f046064c2 kernel-devel-
e79a2c27e94ba24ae761e6bc5540af4409a8bf2a kernel-debug-devel-
4a069dcb5f0fe59e06adc3b7a18307ab13b29bd5 kernel-debuginfo-
d020b7d97b8b3bd4d833e05250754fb9475d2d91 kernel-headers-
420569b49df36b1e1b511391e0795a3a0cb69daa kernel-debuginfo-common-
1473f05aa558629ef089d26f4c3759918fea315d kernel-debuginfo-common-
5ed44110e9bad7bd7c82cd51b55145c545718be3 kernel-devel-
d6962b096f22edcb95d8e3fe60c18df3098425d8 kernel-smp-devel-
03f0dd6abd03a7759415ae67be82c81f7fcf08d9 kernel-smp-debuginfo-
5811409d522d9832cae8b34dfa921a99b112c6e1 kernel-smp-
fe2c702d7b5f88b907a7ea7e84bdac3547c11c5d kernel-
3f63b9dbff858e8c92cb11f52f20d7f7c3af94f0 kernel-debuginfo-
058403c48eb5e02c914e601adc5f1e9dce312fa7 kernel-headers-
1e6dce4d5e78b31ea82832c1a5e1001dbfca05ac kernel-

This update can be installed with the "yum" update program.  Use 
su -c 'yum update kernel' 
at the command line.  For more information, refer to "Managing Software
with yum", available at http://docs.fedoraproject.org/yum/.

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