Fedora 7 Update: cyrus-imapd-2.3.9-7.fc7

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Wed Oct 24 07:06:47 UTC 2007

Fedora Update Notification
2007-10-24 07:06:37.366800

Name        : cyrus-imapd
Product     : Fedora 7
Version     : 2.3.9
Release     : 7.fc7
URL         : http://cyrusimap.web.cmu.edu/
Summary     : A high-performance mail server with IMAP, POP3, NNTP and SIEVE support
Description :
The cyrus-imapd package contains the core of the Cyrus IMAP server.
It is a scaleable enterprise mail system designed for use from
small to large enterprise environments using standards-based
internet mail technologies.

A full Cyrus IMAP implementation allows a seamless mail and bulletin
board environment to be set up across multiple servers. It differs from
other IMAP server implementations in that it is run on "sealed"
servers, where users are not normally permitted to log in and have no
system account on the server. The mailbox database is stored in parts
of the filesystem that are private to the Cyrus IMAP server. All user
access to mail is through software using the IMAP, POP3 or KPOP
protocols. It also includes support for virtual domains, NNTP,
mailbox annotations, and much more. The private mailbox database design
gives the server large advantages in efficiency, scalability and
administratability. Multiple concurrent read/write connections to the
same mailbox are permitted. The server supports access control lists on
mailboxes and storage quotas on mailbox hierarchies.

The Cyrus IMAP server supports the IMAP4rev1 protocol described
in RFC 3501. IMAP4rev1 has been approved as a proposed standard.
It supports any authentication mechanism available from the SASL
library, imaps/pop3s/nntps (IMAP/POP3/NNTP encrypted using SSL and
TLSv1) can be used for security. The server supports single instance
store where possible when an email message is addressed to multiple
recipients, SIEVE provides server side email filtering.

Update Information:

New upstream release.

* Sun Sep 23 2007 Tomas Janousek <tjanouse at redhat.com> - 2.3.9-7
- updated the getgrouplist patch
- fixed a few undeclared functions (and int to pointer conversions)
* Wed Aug 22 2007 Tomas Janousek <tjanouse at redhat.com> - 2.3.9-6
- update to latest upstream
- updated all patches from uoa and reenabled rmquota+deletemailbox
* Thu Aug 16 2007 Tomas Janousek <tjanouse at redhat.com> - 2.3.9-5.rc2
- update to latest upstream beta
* Tue Aug 14 2007 Tomas Janousek <tjanouse at redhat.com> - 2.3.9-4.rc1
- update to latest upstream beta
- temporarily dropped the rmquota+deletemailbox patch (doesn't apply)
- fixed to compile with newer glibc
- added the getgrouplist patch from RHEL-4, dropped groupcache patch
- dropped the allow_auth_plain patch
- buildrequire perl-devel
* Mon Jul 23 2007 Tomas Janousek <tjanouse at redhat.com> - 2.3.8-3.2
- removed the lm_sensors-devel dependency, since it's properly required in
* Mon Apr 23 2007 Tomas Janousek <tjanouse at redhat.com> - 2.3.8-3.1
- the -devel subpackage no longer requires the main one

  [ 1 ] Bug #344101 - fc6 > f7 - update is broken
Updated packages:

1924950658e0f848fa2259a3ad461ac17a499570 cyrus-imapd-2.3.9-7.fc7.ppc64.rpm
60c5a7cc92a491c361f2b0967c54b0d82df12eec cyrus-imapd-debuginfo-2.3.9-7.fc7.ppc64.rpm
f1c0e27230827acb4e23ac89d46e569fe5e81871 cyrus-imapd-devel-2.3.9-7.fc7.ppc64.rpm
4166c11bf3ac4e9d1933d8e71228309acdaa7a18 cyrus-imapd-utils-2.3.9-7.fc7.ppc64.rpm
707459786f73e58253237412d3e3907bf8b605fe cyrus-imapd-perl-2.3.9-7.fc7.ppc64.rpm
9c3cd66d099b743ecc1e08a86ee9ec6cf98b9a96 cyrus-imapd-utils-2.3.9-7.fc7.i386.rpm
9d6fc9c4470274598a70b8f7292d3ab6a7a4d456 cyrus-imapd-debuginfo-2.3.9-7.fc7.i386.rpm
607ba03d43f9808d856b9d25dd891fcc30a67a70 cyrus-imapd-2.3.9-7.fc7.i386.rpm
942cc818924e9e13cf7a957f974d909ff7d0f735 cyrus-imapd-perl-2.3.9-7.fc7.i386.rpm
41d3208518f397d697ad2b1f70cb7b8a88653208 cyrus-imapd-devel-2.3.9-7.fc7.i386.rpm
9fdf162da5ec0890757e9ed5aa5857088364efae cyrus-imapd-devel-2.3.9-7.fc7.x86_64.rpm
06913490e62a2fbf795fa9cc08e30055466c1bae cyrus-imapd-perl-2.3.9-7.fc7.x86_64.rpm
e225868f3da8b09903af9a25e7dea056e1aa48d6 cyrus-imapd-debuginfo-2.3.9-7.fc7.x86_64.rpm
77d80ad46e73e0c989ee81dae2d76dba06287fab cyrus-imapd-utils-2.3.9-7.fc7.x86_64.rpm
f0e531856bd306dd0f27b2bc2d07412919938cdb cyrus-imapd-2.3.9-7.fc7.x86_64.rpm
636a6898bd7fb8a1cd9d73066736d7c5b0c93f57 cyrus-imapd-perl-2.3.9-7.fc7.ppc.rpm
fc2c6a522f8f95991b3aeb9553ecfaa250316103 cyrus-imapd-2.3.9-7.fc7.ppc.rpm
46307732aeedc6e751868cbca887ec92c967dd51 cyrus-imapd-devel-2.3.9-7.fc7.ppc.rpm
486814e6474f9c5cc2d3b47a18dc8653965d7778 cyrus-imapd-debuginfo-2.3.9-7.fc7.ppc.rpm
1b78d2cf4c46596127dc6d0a65a9cf9dcd72d65d cyrus-imapd-utils-2.3.9-7.fc7.ppc.rpm
01a9a03246fc922ef57d7b39c76149d316bc7c98 cyrus-imapd-2.3.9-7.fc7.src.rpm

This update can be installed with the "yum" update program.  Use 
su -c 'yum update cyrus-imapd' 
at the command line.  For more information, refer to "Managing Software
with yum", available at http://docs.fedoraproject.org/yum/.

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