Fedora 7 Update: bind-9.4.2-0.3.b1.fc7

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Fri Sep 7 17:20:41 UTC 2007

Fedora Update Notification
2007-09-07 10:20:36.987586

Name        : bind
Product     : Fedora 7
Version     : 9.4.2
Release     : 0.3.b1.fc7
Summary     : The Berkeley Internet Name Domain (BIND) DNS (Domain Name System) server.
Description :
BIND (Berkeley Internet Name Domain) is an implementation of the DNS
(Domain Name System) protocols. BIND includes a DNS server (named),
which resolves host names to IP addresses; a resolver library
(routines for applications to use when interfacing with DNS); and
tools for verifying that the DNS server is operating properly.

Update Information:

- 9.4.2b1 is bugfix release for 9.4 series
- finally fix problem with libbind resolver (#254501)

* Thu Sep  6 2007 Adam Tkac <atkac redhat com> 31:9.4.2-0.3.b1
- patches bind-9.4-2119_revert.patch and
  libbind-9.3.1rc1-fix_h_errno.patch are obsoleted by
* Fri Aug 31 2007 Adam Tkac <atkac redhat com> 31:9.4.2-0.2.b1
- temporary revert ISC 2119 change which conflicts with our
  "libbind-errno" patch (#254501)
* Tue Aug 21 2007 Adam Tkac <atkac redhat com> 31:9.4.2-0.1.b1
- updated to 9.4.2b1
- dropped patches
  - bind-bsdcompat (upstream)
  - bind-9.4-tsig-init (upstream)
  - bind-9.3.3rc2-dbus (obsoleted by bind-9.4-dbus.patch)
  - bind-9.4.0-dbus-race-condition.patch (upstream)
  - bind-9.3.4-sdb-sqlite-src.patch (upstream)
* Tue Aug 14 2007 Adam Tkac <atkac redhat com> 31:9.4.1-9.P1
- named could crash when deleting SRV record with UPDATE (#251336)
* Thu Jul 26 2007 Adam Tkac <atkac redhat com> 31:9.4.1-8.P1
- backported patch to #249701 from BIND's HEAD
* Tue Jul 24 2007 Adam Tkac <atkac redhat com> 31:9.4.1-7.P1
- updated to latest upstream (contains fixes for CVE-2007-2925 and
* Thu Jun 21 2007 Adam Tkac <atkac redhat com> 31:9.4.1-6.1
- minor changes in caching-nameserver configuration
* Mon Jun 18 2007 Adam Tkac <atkac redhat com> 31:9.4.1-6
- major changes in default caching-nameserver configuration (configuration
  could now honor RFCs, #243565)
* Tue Jun  5 2007 Adam Tkac <atkac redhat com> 31:9.4.1-5
- added /var/named/dynamic directory. This directory is primary designed
  for dynamic DNS zones. In future releases named could write only into
  dynamic, data and slaves directories
* Thu May 24 2007 Adam Tkac <atkac redhat com> 31:9.4.1-4
- start using deprecated ldap API
- fix minor bug in bind-chroot-admin (#241103)
* Tue May 15 2007 Adam Tkac <atkac redhat com> 31:9.4.1-3
- fixed bind-chroot-admin dynamic DNS handling (#239149)
- rewrited ldap backend to latest API (#239802)
- updated zone-freeze patch to latest upstream
* Mon May  7 2007 Adam Tkac <atkac redhat com> 31:9.4.1-2
- test build on new build system
* Wed May  2 2007 Adam Tkac <atkac redhat com> 31:9.4.1-1
- updated to 9.4.1 which contains fix to CVE-2007-2241
* Fri Apr 27 2007 Adam Tkac <atkac redhat com> 31:9.4.0-8
- improved "zone freeze patch" - if multiple zone with same name exists
  no zone is freezed
- minor cleanup in caching-nameserver's config file
- fixed race-condition in dbus code (#235809)
- added forgotten restorecon statement in bind-chroot-admin
* Tue Apr 17 2007 Adam Tkac <atkac redhat com> 31:9.4.0-7.fc7
- removed DEBUGINFO option because with this option (default) was bind
  builded with -O0 and without this flag no debuginfo package was produced.
  (I want faster bind => -O2 + debuginfo)
- fixed zone finding (#236426)

  [ 1 ] Bug #254501
Updated packages:

3442564a810309b721573ca1a05605a520d2ad27 bind-libs-9.4.2-0.3.b1.fc7.ppc64.rpm
9e18d6e79acfe7f3b631c585913b4e9c63d3d020 bind-utils-9.4.2-0.3.b1.fc7.ppc64.rpm
435aaf8f03c2e3ae8b6486fa7a1711f5d0794aea bind-debuginfo-9.4.2-0.3.b1.fc7.ppc64.rpm
ebc817dd9800be7dad00097f598e0d9afb7ca9b1 caching-nameserver-9.4.2-0.3.b1.fc7.ppc64.rpm
a999a08af42235b36151c03263611be8074c5634 bind-devel-9.4.2-0.3.b1.fc7.ppc64.rpm
a9de6f9178b9e8865f572a05a5bb9fb9c64c6d70 bind-chroot-9.4.2-0.3.b1.fc7.ppc64.rpm
94c69aecd3eccb67a9f0737714c6de2c45aaef5c bind-sdb-9.4.2-0.3.b1.fc7.ppc64.rpm
aa765845114fcf2acf9160de7501ec9270cde3af bind-9.4.2-0.3.b1.fc7.ppc64.rpm
a0abf5d1c24cc4fe138a54e99a0513ccab63cc47 bind-9.4.2-0.3.b1.fc7.i386.rpm
f80adda3e9103bf31f453ba7eb07e4c37fa08c2f bind-chroot-9.4.2-0.3.b1.fc7.i386.rpm
0b58915e92bd9642d2113ede7d4ff13628c2c4ee bind-sdb-9.4.2-0.3.b1.fc7.i386.rpm
f9393aa0bf19052ff5b5aa4778954c6249314c62 bind-utils-9.4.2-0.3.b1.fc7.i386.rpm
e615fe486ad4787673cb647df94a41a327d3350f bind-libs-9.4.2-0.3.b1.fc7.i386.rpm
dd8fe252ccdde7a35c5e82b716eeb8ef8e41f25d bind-debuginfo-9.4.2-0.3.b1.fc7.i386.rpm
024729d5098777a202175b5ece61eade9f243cb0 bind-devel-9.4.2-0.3.b1.fc7.i386.rpm
a40f6ff37771f9b811c2f047ab87f3d77779ea55 caching-nameserver-9.4.2-0.3.b1.fc7.i386.rpm
27a71850cda0dba3da660fa0d86b36ac2b39672e bind-chroot-9.4.2-0.3.b1.fc7.x86_64.rpm
bc0b395993b02ee6d5adabcc278d3750731bfd14 bind-sdb-9.4.2-0.3.b1.fc7.x86_64.rpm
262e6b6782025f7bd8b137cee986c5e931698062 bind-debuginfo-9.4.2-0.3.b1.fc7.x86_64.rpm
d4f6afc6414d7d50110a6d1390b1758935c56fb1 caching-nameserver-9.4.2-0.3.b1.fc7.x86_64.rpm
10c4ee5498f0eb5dc3203b5f03f010e34abcf572 bind-9.4.2-0.3.b1.fc7.x86_64.rpm
d47da8c5fb72d418b605c534464ec4f436e1623e bind-libs-9.4.2-0.3.b1.fc7.x86_64.rpm
c5f099aaff72b1fc8148f6b052bdbf11d3dc2ca6 bind-devel-9.4.2-0.3.b1.fc7.x86_64.rpm
ffd61f2d16232f499430ac06a195fb4b647b1938 bind-utils-9.4.2-0.3.b1.fc7.x86_64.rpm
a4656390e4b539b0d20101cab04267402105016f bind-chroot-9.4.2-0.3.b1.fc7.ppc.rpm
935337333d2670ff80ff96fb3e18678d233b2a98 caching-nameserver-9.4.2-0.3.b1.fc7.ppc.rpm
12f668f05dae31bc2ddd4807502326b860e2d8e1 bind-devel-9.4.2-0.3.b1.fc7.ppc.rpm
9325b194f5f413ffaec6734badd0ce23b8a4b6fc bind-libs-9.4.2-0.3.b1.fc7.ppc.rpm
06bcbafbc432c4fcaafee812708b3e0135be4549 bind-debuginfo-9.4.2-0.3.b1.fc7.ppc.rpm
6d9932a44fc70fd836b143334d6a8e3e450f4f00 bind-9.4.2-0.3.b1.fc7.ppc.rpm
e9f5d686ddad1336517f8dd6c56c5172c969e91f bind-utils-9.4.2-0.3.b1.fc7.ppc.rpm
47c177c3895bd0ff400e609911ef710ebc9e00ff bind-sdb-9.4.2-0.3.b1.fc7.ppc.rpm
e09ba68f3905410e285d5e6f6b6f068a0f139519 bind-9.4.2-0.3.b1.fc7.src.rpm

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