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Fedora 9 Update: xorg-x11-drv-radeonhd-1.2.1-3.9.20080917git.fc9

Fedora Update Notification
2008-10-07 08:43:38

Name        : xorg-x11-drv-radeonhd
Product     : Fedora 9
Version     : 1.2.1
Release     : 3.9.20080917git.fc9
URL         : http://www.x.org/
Summary     : Xorg X11 radeonhd driver for AMD GPG r5xx/r6xx Chipsets
Description :
X.org X11 radeonhd driver for AMD GPG r5xx/r6xx Chipsets.

This package is a snapshot of a work in progress. You may experience
regressions, bugs, errors, broken displays, and other undesirable phenomena.

radeonhd mailing list: http://lists.opensuse.org/radeonhd/

Built from git commit: 07408e8518e4e19663c109ea8ad765686ea4e01e

Update Information:

Upstream suggests this should fix bug #450018, and possibly others.    Please
test and close fixed open bugs.    A number of smaller fixes.    Compiled with
DRI/3D support for R5xx chipsets for the first time.

* Wed Sep 17 2008 Hans Ulrich Niedermann <hun n-dimensional de> - 1.2.1-3.9.20080917git
- Fix build on rawhide/F10 by defining cpp macros __user and DEPRECATED
- New snapshot (upstream commit 07408e8518e4e19663c109ea8ad765686ea4e01e):
  - 07408e85: AtomBIOS: Fail driver instance if AtomBIOS mode setting is requested but no BIOS image found.
* Sat Sep  6 2008 Hans Ulrich Niedermann <hun n-dimensional de> - 1.2.1-3.8.20080906git
- New snapshot (upstream commit f1c6cc865d8d0703478c3eedea2e706e911f9965):
  Upstream has merged their QnD and AtomBIOS branches to master a
  few weeks time ago, so there are way too many changes to list here.
* Thu Jul 24 2008 Hans Ulrich Niedermann <hun n-dimensional de> - 1.2.1-3.7.20080724git
- New snapshot (upstream commit 31e46386293fd0c54c99328eee3cfe7b49584f9d):
  - 31e46386: Connectors: Increase the number of available connectors to 6.
  - 8b1d3323: I2C: Fix I2C slave address probing for RV620 and later.
  - d65b67b0: HPD: Add support for HPD_3 found on RV620 and later hardware.
  - a900052b: DIG: Extend heuristic to check if golden values are available for requested coherent/incoherent mode.
  - d3e6c7f7: RandR: Log when a 'scaled to' mode doesn't vaildate.
  - 68592e30: MC/RS600: Fix MC indirect access functions.
  - fdf5014c: CRTC/Scaler: Log more information about the scaler.
  - 94d759b9: DDIA: Disable Sync DC Balancer on DDIA block of RS690.
  - 202f2332: I2C: Check for more error conditions in I2CStatus on RS690.
  - ec2fbeee: Fix typo in list of supported chips (again)
  - 435320de: Crtc/Scaler: Disallow interlaced for all modes involving scaler.
  - c0e0dc7d: ID: Adding M82 chipset name and some more verbose logging info.
  - 8133d1a4: MC: Enable MC control for RS600, fixed segfault.
  - f362e5ab: R5xx DRI: increase CP timeout.
  - 1761d6c5: R5xx Accel: split r5xx2DInfo into XAA and EXA specific structs.
* Sat Jul 19 2008 Hans Ulrich Niedermann <hun n-dimensional de> - 1.2.1-3.6.20080719git
- Compile DRI support.
* Sat Jul 19 2008 Hans Ulrich Niedermann <hun n-dimensional de> - 1.2.1-3.5.20080719git
- New snapshot (upstream commit 603a35a670c71d32c4f393e21ed09f87449ebbf6):
  - 603a35a6: Fix typo in list of supported chips
  - 3bc154bf: ID: Remove concept of chipset families.
  - 3ac5a2f5: ID: Update list of supported chipsets, bring in sync with chipsets listed.
  - edb72452: MC: Make sure MC engine is all idle before setting up the MC.
  - 4eebf4bc: Define SED var without requiring AC_PROG_SED
  - 2bc4450a: Use 'git foo' instead of 'git-foo'
  - 4134177e: Automatically update man page from rhd_id.c
  - b3717c77: I2C: Fix typo that caused one DDC line to not work properly.
  - bd14f735: Add proper MCIdle() bits for r6xx/r7xx
  - 72477c9e: manpage: Add description on the scaling option.
- Fix removal of build dir in snapshot script
* Wed Jul 16 2008 Hans Ulrich Niedermann <hun n-dimensional de> - 1.2.1-3.4.20080716git
- New snapshot (upstream commit 820187b208ab1ec94a015f07e48abbb381524c89):
  - 820187b2: Fix hangs when setting up the MC
* Sun Jul 13 2008 Hans Ulrich Niedermann <hun n-dimensional de> - 1.2.1-3.4.20080713git
- Note Fedora package version in radeonhd's Xorg.N.log output.
- Snapshot generation updates spec file now
- New snapshot (upstream commit 8326ff4fb3d2fff74b11a5391b74866a656380ff):
  - 8326ff4f: MC: Add a stub for RV770 MCIdle().
  - c6dcd8d1: conntest: Add support for RV770 to rhd_conntest.
  - 20476754: I2C: Add DDC read out support for DDC3/4.
  - 49b3782f: I2C: Read SDA/SCL mapping for RV620 and up from AtomBIOS GPIO Info block.
  - 4b7ce33f: Add initial support for RV770
  - 9b388fb0: DIG: Add support for ATOM_TRANSMITTER_CONFIG_LINKA_B/B_A.
  - c258c35f: conntest: test more error conditions.
  - 45961a0c: sh cmd substitution w/ backticks until git found
  - 31d76dab: Document more names for xorg/util/macros packages
  - fde79f9b: Add XORG_* macro names to docs for easy grepping
  - d44b0def: Name drivers dir "driversdir"
  - 7b3bd157: Disable unnecessary libtool CXX and F77 checks
  - cd4ed275: Fix typo in git format-patch instruction
* Mon Jun 30 2008 Hans Ulrich Niedermann <hun n-dimensional de> - 1.2.1-3.3.20080630git
- New snapshot (upstream commit c2139d8c7aed128644dcb1481426164ece0b967d):
  - c2139d8c: R5xx Accel: another 2DFlush fix...
  - dbc7057d: R5xx EXA: Destroy Nulls the XAAInfo... Oops...
  - 5fe51b2e: r5xx accel: bring 2DFlush and engine initialisation into the r300+ era.
  - 85ae6e1b: r5xx accel: move r5xx_2dregs to r5xx_regs.c.
  - 39209b36: rhddump: bail out correctly when no pci-tag is provided.
  - 10d5a41d: DAC: Program TV mux only for DACB.
  - 7825387b: CloseScreen: Fix test for AccelMethod.
* Sun Jun 22 2008 Hans Ulrich Niedermann <hun n-dimensional de> - 1.2.1-3.2.20080622git
- Proposed fix for bugs #451349 and #452050 (commit a67a65eb)
- New snapshot (upstream commit 1eff3e783bf6cab33dad837ec0c4edc07d967f7c):
  - 1eff3e78: CONNTEST: Added new PCI Ids.
  - 372c5905: ATOMBios: Fix bogus log message.
  - a67a65eb: MC: Add sanity check for IGP FB location.
  - c38112c8: VRAM Fix clamping to aperture.
  - 2bfccf62: Add more verbose debugging information.
  - 74cb0fc6: Free data structures on close screen to avoid memory leak.
  - 47ba86d6: Add a bit of info to the README to help FreeBSD users who are having  trouble building the driver.
* Wed Jun 18 2008 Hans Ulrich Niedermann <hun n-dimensional de> - 1.2.1-3.1.20080618git
- New snapshot (upstream commit 1f65f354cfdda40578b222beb1dd6a48af451735):
  - 1f65f354: MC Fix build.
  - 357e232a: Add test for sideport memory on IGP.
  - 88e0c878: MC Add optiuon to turn off chipset features that have not been verified by ATI.
  - c6e75506: DIG,RS780 Fix test for LVDS/TMDS.
  - 6623271d: MC,RS780 Set the correct write enable bit for MC write access.
* Fri Jun 13 2008 Hans Ulrich Niedermann <hun n-dimensional de> - 1.2.1-2.20080613git
- New snapshot (upstream commit ad59f09e3e30f5aafbd29a07f1078c2293847ad6):
  - ad59f09e: MC: HDP_FB_LOCATION on R5xx is direct MMIO not indirect thru MC.
* Thu Jun  5 2008 Hans Ulrich Niedermann <hun n-dimensional de> - 1.2.1-2.20080605git
- New snapshot (upstream commit 26ccf1177465beb2db5a2c972dd7adc17c3f457b):
  - DRI support on R5xx (X1000 series)
  - Lots of other updates, too many to list them all.
* Tue Apr 29 2008 Hans Ulrich Niedermann <hun n-dimensional de> - 1.2.1-1.1.20080429git
- Fix segfault in some configurations (commit 71ec0c90) (#439046)
- New snapshot (upstream commit 45fdec79e523f3f9637c35a3d84c1fd9e61b9b21):
  - 45fdec79: R5xx TMDSA: Power: don't clobber UNKNOWN when going in RESET.
  - c2a844ca: LVTMA: always use IDCLK for transmitter.
  - 9d489911: Add proper fallbacks for I2C timing if clock information from AtomBIOS isn't available.
  - 71ec0c90: Limit mapped fb size to available VRAM, clamp VGA save/restore to mapped fb size.
  - 0697b366: Add a test for __GLIBC__ to CD_Common_Types.h.
  - 19e4011e: Add connector table for 0x7183, 0x1092, 0x3000.
  - e3d1a63a: Fix flickering thru DPMS on TMDSA, improve debug messages for output Power().
  - 686fd334: Add fallback to rhd_conntest to work when AtomBIOS isn't available.
  - 38e7a912: Add better debugging output for VGASave().
  - 6f34607b: Fix mapping flags for FB when using libpciaccess.
  - 10ebfdbc: Adapt to API changes in current upstream X.
  - db8aa081: Add register write to dumper.
  - 0dd39c82: Clamp the size of VGA memory to read to not read past the end of the framebuffer.
  - 0442f2d5: Don't use chipset based backlight control when not enabled at startup.
  - df83b56a: Improve DAC load detection.
  - 420a4b10: Fix backlight and coherent property for RandR 1.3.
  - 84bf6a2a: Remove debugging code that was accidentally committed.
  - 0ffd41e0: Remove call to alloca().
  - bdea7eba: Fix up function name for RHDReadPCIBios().
  - b6bec02e: Replace reverse engineered PCI BIOS ROM enable code for R6xx.
  - e65e6c00: Fall back to reading the PCI VBIOS when reading from legacy location fails.
  - cf87d316: Fix a segfault in the DIG block.
  - b6be09ff: Save/Restore backlight controls, obtain initial brightness from text mode.
  - 3893c621: Add backlight support to RV620/635 DIG transmitter blocks.
  - 5fccf420: Add support for coherent mode for digital outputs to rhd_randr.c.
  - d401bf8f: Add 'coherent' property for DIG (UNIPHY/LVTMA), R5/6xx LVTMA and TMDSA.
  - 54a74878: Change backlight controls to new property model.
  - 01e9dd1d: Add general output property callback.
  - a751128b: Backlight control: change some debugging output to only show in verbose log.
  - b7a2fa25: Add support to control backlight brightness thru RandR properties.
  - e4d846c9: Include alloca.h in rhd_conntest.c, fix messages in rhd_dump.
  - 725ea553: Reorder TMDSA setup/power on code. Improve TMDS PLL reset.
  - bf267c11: Add connector quirk table for Visiontek C1550.
  - a60e01c8: Fixed name "RHD_DDC_NONE" printed out to log message.
  - 6a19b519: Add missing support for HDP_FB_BASE on r5xx and rs690.
* Tue Apr 15 2008 Hans Ulrich Niedermann <hun n-dimensional de> - 1.2.1-1
- 1.2.1 release (upstream commit 761940fde7fef72bff18a8b8e840540452cf675a)
  - New RV670 devices added: HD 3960, FireStream 9170
  - Unsupported M86 device removed: HD3650
  - assert() -> ASSERT() fixes
* Fri Apr 11 2008 Hans Ulrich Niedermann <hun n-dimensional de> - 1.2.0-2
- Fix spec file snapshot/no-snapshot conditionals
- 1.2.0 release (upstream commit 9d131f9035b3b0ff7755dda708e16326aa156e83):
  - 9d131f90: Bump to 1.2.0. Add changes to README.
  - 7560240b: Update + fix supported chips list, both in source and manpage.
  - 59505016: Add a very basic register dump utility.
  - b0563cbd: Add a very basic register dump utility.
  - 89c10062: Minor cleanups.
  - bb652740: git_version scripts: add licensing information.
  - 60dc7e04: Add a hard coded connector table for an MSI HD2600PRO AGP.
  - 8048353d: Remove unneeded use of pciTag when using libpciaccess.
  - 3076447f: Fix MC access for RS 690.
  - 01bc57b1: Add initial support for talking to IGP northbridges.
  - 46367d61: Add IGP flag to chipset map.
  - 338eb58b: In verbose 7 debug mode dump present mode line.
  - c0c8fbed: Mark PCI subsystem 0x94C1, 0x1002, 0x0D02 DMS-59.
  - 5a8138e8: Treat RV635 as a separate family.
  - 954fd01c: Provide more information on HPD detection and mode programming in verbose log.
  - 4733547b: Add support for the full RS690 family including RS740.
  - 580ad5bf: Enable RS690 MC support.
  - decf3554: Treat all RV515 chips as such in MC code.
  - 2c2d1320: Add a workaround to make interlaced mode work.
  - 783b5ab4: Add support for interlaced modes.
  - 6d5ef116: Add better support for LVTMA TMDS macro control values on R5xx and RS600/RS690.
  - 38efb27c: Add MC idle testing for RV515, add MC support for RV550.
  - f64aba20: Use proper temporal dither reset bits depending on chip generation.

  [ 1 ] Bug #450018 - Screen scrambles when laptop undocked or redocked

This update can be installed with the "yum" update program.  Use 
su -c 'yum update xorg-x11-drv-radeonhd' at the command line.
For more information, refer to "Managing Software with yum",
available at http://docs.fedoraproject.org/yum/.

All packages are signed with the Fedora Project GPG key.  More details on the
GPG keys used by the Fedora Project can be found at

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