[Fedora-packaging] pango modules packaging question

Michael Peters mpeters at mac.com
Sun Dec 11 12:26:35 UTC 2005

I'm working on a spec file for a package that includes a library, and a couple pango modules that use the library.

The pango modules are not part of the library proper, different code base - configured and built separately from the library. However, the module source is in same tarball as library - so building them as separate src.rpm's seems wrong. Thus I'm building them in the same src.rpm

1) Packaging the pango modules

I'm 99% I'm correct on this - since these are modules to add functionallity to pango, it would be be best in this case to use:

%package -n pango-%{name}

in tradition of addons bearing the name of what they add function to.

2) pango-querymodules
This is where I have an issue and am personally stumped.

I can't seem to find a _safe_ way to register the modules in /etc/pango/$host/pango.modules

according to the documentation, pango-querymodules uses the Pango module path.
This is set by /etc/pango/pangorc, ~/.pangorc, and the file specified in the environment variable PANGO_RC_FILE

there is not a pangorc file in Fedora, creating/modifying a ~/.pangorc file for the root user in an rpm scriptlet would be completely wrong. I could just specify the modules to pango-querymodules and >> them to the pango.modules file, but that would be undone the next time pango-querymodules > pango.modules is run.

The modules are suppose to be AFTER the base pango modules in the Pango module path when pango-querymodules is run, so just dumping them in the same directory as the other pango modules might not produce the desired effect.

What is the proper way to add a path via rpm to the Pango module path so that if/when pango-querymodules is run in future, the modules are queried properly?

For reference - what I'm working on packaging (at the request of upstream maintainer) is the svn version of silgraphite and its pango wrapper.

This is (I believe) the last thing I need to get squared to have a proper spec file.

Thanks for any suggestions, especially ones that work.

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