[Fedora-packaging] packages which add user accounts: is fedora-usermgmt the way?

Matthew Miller mattdm at mattdm.org
Tue Jul 5 16:25:20 UTC 2005

On Tue, Jul 05, 2005 at 11:01:30AM -0500, Steven Pritchard wrote:
> I have to agree.  I can't think of a single reason why it would matter
> (for example) what UID the openvpn user is on any system.  It's just
> an unprivileged user that openvpn can be configured to run as (after
> starting as root).  I could use "nobody", but, well, that seems to be
> bad form these days.

That's all well and good until the user owns files.

> In that case, there's NIS/NIS+/LDAP/whatever, and it is up to the
> sysadmin to do any extra work necessary to integrate the package into
> their environment.  In the case of my openvpn package, if "useradd -r"
> does the right thing, then the problem is solved.  If not, the
> sysadmin can just add an openvpn user before installing the package.

Why should the *default* be "you have to do some extra work"? The standard
case should be just that -- standard.

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