[Fedora-packaging] OpenAFS kernel-module package

Jack Neely jjneely at pams.ncsu.edu
Thu Jul 7 03:52:01 UTC 2005


I've whipped up some new OpenAFS packages based on some of what we have
discussed and proposed regarding kernel module packages.  I'm kinda
suprised that Matthew hasn't beaten me to it.  :-)

These are a rough first attempt.  I have left out the debuginfo package
stuffs for a future exercise.  But I invite folks to comment on them.
I'll probably be working on fine tuning these tomorrow during work.

After working on this for a few hours I have come to the conclusion that
the method of doing kernel-module-foo-source packages is very complex.
I'm a big fan of having most of the smarts be in Yum and in this case
the build system rather than depend on complex magic from the packager.
But I do understand the issues of having multiple similar/same SRPMS,
debuginfo packages etc.  What's the worst evil?  *shrug*



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