[Fedora-packaging] tetex packaging question

Michael A. Peters mpeters at mac.com
Sun Jun 26 05:10:00 UTC 2005

I'm packaging a package for personal use at the moment, I don't think
I'll be submitting it to Extras any time soon as it has some issues (see
bottom), but I want to make sure my personal packaging is what would be
expected if it were to be submitted.

package is latex2rtf

It is suppose to translate a latex package to rtf


Packaging questions -

upstream ctan is a zip archive, but unlike most ctan archives - this
archive contains a bunch of archives within it, including the source
tar.gz tarball I'm using for the package (and an older version). So what
I did is referenced where the ctan archive came from in a comment,
noting the source tarball is contained within. That seemed better to me
than having prep do everything inside a zip archive full of stuff that
wasn't going to be used.

Secondly - I'm not using the tetex namespace. Since upstream has latex
in the name already, and it isn't a package that you would call from
within a tetex document, I didn't think that was necessary.

Thirdly - the package in the Makefile wants to put its .cfg files
in /usr/local/share/latex2rtf
I'm instead putting them in /usr/share/texmf/tex/latex/latex2rtf

Since it doesn't have any .sty files and isn't a package that a latex
document would use, though, I'm not sure that that is the right thing to
do. The reason I'm putting them there is because I wanted the
documentation in texmf so that texdoc would find the documentation.

Since it isn't a tetex package that other packages would use, is what
I'm doing wrong?

Thanks for comments.

The compile gives a LOT of warnings when compiled with $RPM_OPT_FLAGS -
but it works OK. The tex file I'm trying it out on has some png images
and some complex math equations (some inline, some not) - but was
created in LyX and I think needs some cleaning, there's some latex
warnings - the resulting rtf has some unwanted text at the beginning of
all non inline complex equations as part of the image "Created using
babel.pl from version 3.7 ..." and the document is missing the table of
contents and a few other minor things, but I don't know how much of that
is a problem with latex2rtf or how much of it is caused by LyX exporting
to tex in a possibly less than ideal way - but I'll figure that out when
I have cleaned up the latex ;)

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