[Fedora-packaging] %check script issues

Marius Feraru altblue at n0i.net
Tue Jun 28 19:52:47 UTC 2005

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On Jun 27, at 20:45 (+0300), 'Ville Skyttä' wrote:
> Can you come up with a generic case where running the test suite before
> doing the staged install would be useful?  I cannot at the moment.

Hm, my mileage varies a lot on this, as I would rephrase it quite the 
opposite: what would be the generic cases where a staged install is 
necessary for running its test suite? I cannot at the moment :))

But anyway, I'll answer your question: perl modules (and obviously not 
only). Remember the adviced way of install a module:
   perl Makefile.PL
   make test
   make install
   ^ as you see, "install" _after_ "test"

I could bring you more examples (OFC, not perl related - mysql e.g.), 
but I'm sure it's not really necessary. Better - risking to repeat 
myself - I'll try to explain again my point/opinion: "%check" at the end 
of "%install" is GOOD. I argue that its current use is BAD, as in using 
it for "make test", which testing IMHO has nothing to do with the staged 

Now, I'll explain (again) why this testing after install bothers me 
alot: because I cannot easily repeat testing, previously done with:
    rpmbuild -bc --short-circuit pkg.spec
Using "make test" in "%check" nowadays just makes my delay (much) longer,
as you surely know what a PITA currently are the various scripts run in 
_spec_install_* (e.g. the dependencies checking).

So, for the last time, please don't understand me wrong - I'm not 
against the existence of a "check" script, but against the "policy" to 
use that block for "make test" & co.

>> b) What is the "easy" way to disable %check? "--define 'check exit 0'"
>> doesn't sound as "easy" as e.g. "--without check".
> Right, but it doesn't have to be easy :)

Sorry, I'm on a different side again, but I surely understand (and 
sometimes even agree) that enforced rules should more seldom drive into 
sloppy development comparing to systems/rules/policies promoting self 
discipline. Anyway, I'll stop here with this, I prefer not to get into 
advocacy stuff.

> If a test suite of a package does or requires something that is not
> appropriate (taking into account all situations where it might be run
> in, generic/minimal build roots and personal workstations or desktops
> etc.), report a bug against the package.

Hm, as long as the packager provides clarifying BuildRequires, I see no 
problem with that.

> Mileages vary, but I'd suggest at least running the test suite after
> %install, no matter what way you choose.

OK, I understand now that I failed explaining my premises in my previous 
message. I hope now you understood that I'm NOT trying to avoid testing, 
but just trying to ease packagers' jobs.

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