[Fedora-packaging] example kernel-module package

Ville Skyttä ville.skytta at iki.fi
Thu Jun 30 14:11:10 UTC 2005

On Thu, 2005-06-30 at 15:52 +0200, Thorsten Leemhuis wrote:

> I split
> the package in a userland package that creates a %{name}-kmsrc.rpm that
> is used by the kernel-module-package as source. Something like this
> would be neat package like nvidia als ati drivers where a single srpm is
> quite big if you want to rebuild only the kernel-module

I don't see the point of the kmsrc package.

If you want to optimize SRPM download sizes, why not just supply a
separate trimmed-down tarball containing only the kernel module bits in
the kernel module SRPM (and include comments in the specfile how it was
created from the upstream dist tarball, or include a script to do it in
the source rpm)?  And if you want, another similar trimmed one in the
userland SRPM containing only the non-kernel-module parts.

Unless I'm missing something, using your approach, the user who wants to
locally build only the kernel modules needs to have not only the SRPM
that produces the modules, but also one extra binary package (which
actually contains the sources).

Further, the sources and the build routines for the kernel modules are
now split into two packages, which means also extra work and care from
the maintainer.

Isn't this just more work for both maintainers and end users?  Did I
miss something?

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