[Fedora-packaging] Conflicts

Ville Skyttä ville.skytta at iki.fi
Fri Mar 4 17:52:34 UTC 2005

On Fri, 2005-03-04 at 10:45 -0600, Tom 'spot' Callaway wrote:

> >As another example, gpgme03-devel and gpgme-devel. Used to building
> >in clean build environments where only the needed build requirements
> >are pulled in, there was no need to relocate either package and make
> >it possible to install both at once.
> Hmm. I think in the case of foo3 and foo, if they need to be installed
> at the same time, they need to follow the openssl example, and not
> conflict.

openssl is somewhat different, there's no -devel for the older one.
Usually providing two different versions of lib packages without
conflicts is fairly trivial, but a bit less so for their -devel

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