[Fedora-packaging] X-Fedora vs. X-Fedora-Extra vs. X-Fedora-Extras

Nicolas Mailhot Nicolas.Mailhot at laPoste.net
Tue Mar 8 18:28:16 UTC 2005

Le mardi 08 mars 2005 à 18:01 +0100, Dag Wieers a écrit :

> Michael, my point is, if almost everything will be in Extras, what use
> does it have to tag them the same way ? I'd much rather have something
> explicit for that purpose, like:
> 	TopLevel
> 	SubLevel
> Than something that you will use as a default tag but has no practical 
> use other than this. In fact, if there are other uses besides the
> TopLevel/SubLevel and the real category, I'd much rather have those
> explicitly defined and named now too :)

I disagree. If you put very explicit stuff like this in each menu entry
you spread policy over a large number of packages. That makes it real
hard to change it later.

Much better to put informative stuff here and have the centralised menu
logic decide what to do with it (and I hope someday each individual
system user will be able to decide things like "I want all entries with
this tag in a separate menu" or "I want all stuff with this tag to be
hidden" etc)


Nicolas Mailhot
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