[Fedora-packaging] packages which add user accounts: is fedora-usermgmt the way?

Matthias Saou thias at spam.spam.spam.spam.spam.spam.spam.egg.and.spam.freshrpms.net
Wed Sep 7 09:58:01 UTC 2005

Christian.Iseli at licr.org wrote :

> enrico.scholz said:
> > It is easy to create users with predictable uids and fedora-usermgmt offers a
> > simple method doing this.
> IIUC, fedora-usermgmt looks the ID up on some wiki page somewhere ?
> So, you need a machine connected to the Internet.
> I think it's a problem.
> If you really want a fixed ID, why not hardcode it in the package itself ?

The fixed id is in the package itself (without the offset), which is why I
fail to see any reason to add a dependency on some custom user management
scripts when plain useradd/groupadd is sufficient.

There are two mixed discussions here :
- Should we rely on fedora-usermgmt from fedora.us to manage system users?
- Should some system users have fixed uid/gid pairs?

Those are two completely separate debates, to which I personally answer
"no" and "yes" respectively.


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