[Fedora-packaging] gnome-screensaver packaging problem

Ricardo Veguilla González veguilla at gmail.com
Sat Sep 10 21:20:09 UTC 2005

On Sat, 2005-09-10 at 12:42 -0400, Jeff Spaleta wrote:

> Its not clear to me whether or not gnome-screensaver is actually
> mutually exclusive with xscreensaver.  It might be more like
> mozilla/firefox like relationship. with the xscreensaver-extras  are
> "plugins" that both can use.

No, they aren't mutually exclusive.

> If there are no explict file conflicts users might very well be able
> to have both installed...or replace one with the other for similar
> functionality. Certaintly users will not be able to run both
> xscreensaver and gnome-screensaver at the same time..but I don't think
> that sort of thing is a blocker from extras.  I haven't actually tried
> to mock up his specfile yet to see if there are file conflicts though.

No file conflicts.

> If the intent is to have installation of gnome-screensaver to always
> remove xscreensaver-base automatically..then no..thats not extras
> appropriate.

That's not my intend, but until the xscreensaver requirement in the
control-center rpm is changed, I don't see another way installing  
both at the same time.

Ricardo Veguilla González <veguilla at gmail.com>

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