[Fedora-packaging] gnome-screensaver packaging problem

Jeff Spaleta jspaleta at gmail.com
Sun Sep 11 00:56:40 UTC 2005

On 9/10/05, Ricardo Veguilla González <veguilla at gmail.com> wrote:

Okay... i made the small change in the Specfile and I got a binary
that installs in parallel with xscreensaver. I also made an example
rebuild of control-center with the requires change.
If you use update to that control-center binary.. you can then remove
xscreensaver-base if gnome-screensaver is installed.  Thats basically
how you solve the problems in the original post to this thread. We'd
actually be better off if we could drop that screensaver "packagename"
requirement in control-center completely.. since its sort of abusing
"requirement" in the strict sense...but thats a long debate to be had
with the Core desktop developers and its not going to be solved in
this thread.

rawhide synced rpms and srpms are located at:

I'll note however gnome-screensaver doesn't appear to actually work as
advertised on my initial attempt to use it and isnt seeing
xscreensaver-extras. And you are going to have to do something to make
it obvious which entry in the prefs menu is gnome-screensaver instead
of xscreensaver. But I'll leave further exploration of these topics
for the bugzilla review process.


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