[Fedora-packaging] gnome-screensaver packaging problem

Michael Schwendt bugs.michael at gmx.net
Thu Sep 15 10:28:01 UTC 2005

On Sat, 10 Sep 2005 20:56:40 -0400, Jeff Spaleta wrote:

> On 9/10/05, Ricardo Veguilla González <veguilla at gmail.com> wrote:
> >http://ece.uprm.edu/~veguilla/fedora/gnome-screensaver/gnome-screensaver.spec
> Okay... i made the small change in the Specfile and I got a binary
> that installs in parallel with xscreensaver. I also made an example
> rebuild of control-center with the requires change.
> If you use update to that control-center binary.. you can then remove
> xscreensaver-base if gnome-screensaver is installed.  Thats basically
> how you solve the problems in the original post to this thread. We'd
> actually be better off if we could drop that screensaver "packagename"
> requirement in control-center completely.. since its sort of abusing
> "requirement" in the strict sense...but thats a long debate to be had
> with the Core desktop developers and its not going to be solved in
> this thread.
> rawhide synced rpms and srpms are located at:
> jef.is-a-geek.com/downloads/gnome-screensaver/

The whole discussion is pointless as long as there are virtual provides
in the Extras package which interfere with Core package names. This is a
show-stopper. Upgrading xscreensaver-base currently removes
gnome-screensaver, simply because gnome-screensaver "Provides:

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