[Fedora-packaging] Python Packaging Hints

Jeff Pitman symbiont at berlios.de
Sat Sep 17 07:07:24 UTC 2005


Just some hints for packaging Python (iow, makes my life easier at 

1. Use %{__python} as opposed to python in any scriptlets. Especially be 
wary of the %pyver definitions using a call to python to grab the 

2. Also, I need opinions on #!/usr/bin/python  vs.  
#!/usr/bin/pythonX.Y.  Because if a package installs 
into /usr/lib/pythonX.Y/site-packages, then any old /usr/bin/python 
won't work, it'd have to be the version specific /usr/bin/pythonX.Y.  
This might be a problem specific to my stuff, so you can ignore it if 
it is.


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