[Fedora-packaging] kernel-module-proposal 2 and yum: some tests

Jack Neely jjneely at pams.ncsu.edu
Thu Sep 29 17:12:16 UTC 2005

> the biggest problem with the kernel-module packaging discussion is that
> all of the solutions y'all have come up with have been excruciatingly
> complex. We've discussed them on the yum-devel list and the result is
> 'ugh, these are painful' both to implement the code for and to develop
> the packages themselves. I'm not sure any solution will match up to
> everyone's concept of 'correct'.
> -sv

Agreed.  This is most of the reason I haven't done any more work with
added kernel module functionality to Yum.  Complexity should be in the
tools rather than depend on each packager to make a complex package


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