[Fedora-packaging] File deps outside "/etc {/usr,}/{s,}bin/"

Thorsten Leemhuis fedora at leemhuis.info
Wed Dec 13 17:00:38 UTC 2006

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skvidal mentioned in #fedora-extras we should consider going through all
packages and look out for unnecessary file deps outside of "/etc
/usr/sbin/ /usr/bin/ /sbin/ /bin/". Those are covered by the primary
dataset yum loads normally. Yum has do load a second, (often big) file
to depsolve the others; that often slows down depsolving packages a lot
-- most of us were probably bitten by this already in the past and know
what I'm talking about.

So, should we try to get rid of such deps as much as possible? And maybe
even put a short note into the packaging guidelines that file based deps
outside of "/etc {/usr,}/{s,}bin/" slow down yum and therefore should be
avoided if possible?


BTW, I did a quick lookup on a x86-64 FC-6 machine with repoquery; we
seems to have 32 file based deps outside of "/etc {/usr,}/{s,}bin/" in


At least some of them look suspicious:
-> simply python

-> simply util-vserver-core

-> simply ctapi-common

-> simply pkgconfig


/usr/lib64/mozilla/plugins and some other dirs are probaly okay.


P.S.:Core has some more:

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