[Fedora-packaging] Specfile suggestion for subpackages with differently linked binaries

Andreas Thienemann andreas at bawue.net
Wed Jan 25 00:41:29 UTC 2006


I'm currently trying to package ser, the sip express router.

Depending on the variables passed at compile time, the resulting binary is 
either linking against mysql or postgresql.
IN order not to pull in unneeded dependencies I'd like to package it as 
ser (no database support/no persistant storage), ser-mysql, ser-pgsql and
ser-common for the rest

Is there a template/example spec file somewhere detailing how one would 
package such a software?
Right now I'm wondering how to manage the %install phase and how to get 
the binaries with the same name, but different dependencies installed and 
listed in the %files section.


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