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Re: [Fedora-packaging] PHP packaging policy notes

I would also like to get clarification on Groups, everyone seems to
have their own ideas as to what should be "System
Environment/Libraries", "Development/Libraries" or

Should all php-pecl-* packages be grouped as "Development/Languages"?
Should all php-pear packages be "Development/Libraries"? This is the
status-quo now.

When should a package be "System Environment" vs. "Development"?  I
cannot find a definition on what this means. I went through some
perl-* packages and python-* packages and Groups are all over the
place, python-kid for example is grouped as an Application.

I think some definitions and example packages in the Groups wiki page
would be nice to have as a reference.

From what I can tell right now, Group tags are not really considered
that important and randomness seems to be the accepted practice.  I
have not seen any response to my Group tag questions on this mailing
list and discussions on IRC lead to different answers by different
people.  So I have to assume that the Groups as they stand right now
currently have no definition?

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