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Re: [Fedora-packaging] PHP packaging policy notes

On 7/5/06, Enrico Scholz <enrico scholz informatik tu-chemnitz de> wrote:
tibbs math uh edu (Jason L Tibbitts III) writes:

> ES> Such Requires: do not make sense nowadays. The ability to require
> ES> a special program version was removed some time ago from rpm.
> Unfortunately I can't quite parse what Enrico has written here; it
> looks like that statement indicates that versioned requirements don't
> work in RPM, which I don't think is the case.
> Enrico, could you (or anyone else who understands the issue) elaborate
> a bit?

Some years ago, you could write

| Requires: foo > 2.1

which would be fulfilled by foo=0:2.1 but not by foo=42:1.0.

Then, rpm was changed to interprete the statement above as

| Requires: foo > 0:2.1

So, program version 1.0 packaged with an epoch of '42' would be allowed.

Therefore, versioned requirements make sense in a special environment
only where you exactly know possible EVR values.

Okay, now I'm _really_ confused.  So you are saying rpm can handle
epochs properly now?  That's great, so why should we remove version
requirements from our spec files now that rpm properly handles epochs?

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