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Re: [Fedora-packaging] PHP packaging policy notes

ville skytta iki fi (Ville Skyttä) writes:

>> Because the Fedora Extras packages are for a specific environment
>> (FE4, FE5, devel) only, you can be sure that the needed program
>> versions are available there and the explicit version is not needed.
> And because the intended environment is known, we'd know what Epochs to
> use.  The way I look at it, versioned dependencies still have some nice
> to have uses, in no particular order (and not implying that support for
> these cases should be mandated):

* there are already complains about redundant dependencies when

  | BuildRequires: A-devel B-devel

  is used and an A-devel -> B-devel chain exists (most of your arguments
  apply to this situation too). Why should redundant information like

  | Requires: C >= EVR

  handled in another way?

* I do not say that versioned dependency shall be forbidden; they just
  do not make sense and I am against a rule like

  | I have some php-pear packages which specifically indicate they need
  | php >= 4.2.0 some that say they need php >= 4.3.0.  If these versions
  | are specified by the package, they should be indicated in the spec
  | file (IMO).

  which was requested in the first posting replied by me.


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