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Re: [Fedora-packaging] PHP packaging policy notes

tibbs math uh edu (Jason L Tibbitts III) writes:

> ES> * I do not say that versioned dependency shall be forbidden; they
> ES> just do not make sense and I am against a rule like
>     | If these versions are specified by the package, they should be 
>     | indicated in the spec file (IMO).
> This makes no sense to me.  So if Red Hat bumps the FC5 PHP from 5.1.4
> to 5.1.5 to fix some bug and a package requires that fixed version,
> what is it supposed to require?

In this case you you will have to use a versioned dependency but this is
different from "specified by the package".

E.g. when php-5.1.4-1 has a bug which will be fixed by a patch (which
fixes only this issue without a full version upgrade) you have to write

| Requires: php >= 5.1.4-2

and can not follow README which says that 5.1.5 will be required.

The version in the Requires: depends on the environment but not on the
requirement told by the (upstream) package.

In the discussed case, the version in "php >= 4.2.0" is redundant in FE
environments and except for 3rd party repository-support there is no
reason to use it resp. to enforce it.


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