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Re: [Fedora-packaging] PHP packaging policy notes

nicolas mailhot laposte net (Nicolas Mailhot) writes:

>> >> Because the Fedora Extras packages are for a specific environment
>> >> (FE4, FE5, devel) only, you can be sure that the needed program
>> >> versions are available there and the explicit version is not
>> >> needed.
> This is totally wrong.
> When you package for FCx, and one of your deps got a major version bump
> in FCx updates,

major version bumps are impossible for most packages because it would
destroy API compatibility.

When you really *need* a certain *package* version, then you can add a
versioned dependeny. But this version should not be related to something
written in a README but to the current environment. Versioned
dependencies should be checked after some time (1 year for FE) whether
it become redundant in the meantime and be removed if so.

> Unversionned deps, when you know at which version boundary your package
> breaks, is just playing with fire.

It is stupid and in most times redundant to add blindly a versioned
dependency just because a README tells that a certain version is


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