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Re: [Fedora-packaging] PHP packaging policy notes

chris stone gmail com ("Christopher Stone") writes:

>> It is stupid and in most times redundant to add blindly a versioned
>> dependency just because a README tells that a certain version is
>> required.
> pear packages adhere to very strict standards and versioning
> requirements is part of that.  All pear packages are very specific
> about versioning requirements.

Again: rpm does not allow to require a certain program (PHP) version;
you can require a certain package version only.

And btw; packaging guidelines are handling this case already:

  | First, if the lowest possible requirement is so old that nobody has a
  | version older than that installed on any target distribution release,
  | there's no need to include the version in the dependency at all.
  | ...
  | As a rule of thumb, if the version is not required, don't add it just
  | for fun.

> Please do not ask me to lower the quality standards that pear packages
> expect by not providing this information in my spec files.

You are not lowering quality standards when unneeded and non-working
things like "Requires: php >= 4.2" will be omitted.


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