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Re: [Fedora-packaging] PHP packaging policy notes

PHP Packaging Guidelines summary:

I have updated my template spec file:

-Readded the rm dot files and removed the %exclude
-Removed the default group since this is unclear/undecided at best so
I guess it is up to the packager to decide
-Removed the "PEAR:" from the summary line (I don't think we should
require all pear packages to put "PEAR:" in the summary) if anyone
disagrees I can add it back because im not too partial either way.

Is using Requires(post):   %{__pear} okay, or do i have to explicitly
say /usr/bin/pear?

What still needs to be resolved:
-Version dependencies on other pear packages, and php core packages,
should it be required as a "must" item, "should" item, or not
mentioned and/or discouraged?
-The php-pear spec file needs to be modified to drop in appropriate
macros for pear and pecl (can a new release of php-pear with this
added be done quickly?)
-Update the php spec file to drop in macros for php_api and
/usr/bin/php (also can this be done quickly?)
-Decide how many different Provides variations we want to provide.
-Provide a /usr/share/php/ directory which is owned by the php package
or something for packages like php-Smarty.

Upstream issues:
- generating dot files and installing xml files should probably be
done automagically by the pear/pecl commands when using
--packagingroot.  These are not critical to our passing guidelines.
- the pecl command doesn't work with --packagingroot or
--register-only, we need to identify bugs and report them to upstream
to be fixed.  This is critical to the pecl guidelines if we want them
to use the (almost) identical spec as the pear packages.  There are
other ways we can build pecl packages so we have to decide if we want
to package pecl packages differently for now until upstream fixes
these bugs.

I *think* this is all the remaining open issues, please let me know if
I have missed something.  I think with a little effort from the php
and php-pear maintainers, and some quick final decisions from the
packaging comittee, we can get guidelines ready for atleast the php-*
and php-pear-* packages and have a php-pear template in use.
php-pecl-* packages still need a default template which depends on
upstream bug fix issues.

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