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Re: [Fedora-packaging] Java Naming Page

toshio tiki-lounge com (Toshio Kuratomi) writes:

>   http://www.fedoraproject.org/wiki/PackagingDrafts/JavaPackageNaming
> Feel free to review it and see if I've missed anything, misstated the
> effects of naming according to a certain proposal, etc.

| 1. Allow for upgrading between the Fedora and JPackage repositories so
|    that upgrade paths similar to the following works:

This will be needed for the first installation of a Java package from FE
only. Then, I see the following two situations:

1. user enabled on FE repository
   --> jpackage versioning is uninteresting

2. user enabled both FE and JPackage repositories
   --> When FE packager is a little bit behind, jpackage packages will
       override FE packags again. This would render JPackages in FE

General versioniong rules for mixing repositories are impossible so I
suggest to ignore the jpackage Release: resp. just make sure that first
FE package wins against the original JPackage package.

|  2. Allow packagers to tell what JPackage release the java package was
|     based against.

I do not think that this must be expressed with Release:; you could
document this somewhere else (%description) or write

| Provides: jpackage(%name) = %jpackage_version-%jpackage_release


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