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Re: [Fedora-packaging] Java Naming Page

Le vendredi 14 juillet 2006 à 08:28 -0600, Stephen John Smoogen a
écrit :

> Would it be better to look at the java packages being a seperate repo
> with its own naming standards? Anaconda could aim at these packages in
> their own on disk repo and a fuller jpackage repo could be included on
> the download sites.

I think it would suck for everyone involved if Java was segregated in
its own Fedora sandbox just before FLOSS java stacks reach API parity
with closed ones. Really in a few years users should be able to install
cool apps without having to care whether they're written in C, C++,
python, Java, C# of whatever.

You can't talk about perl without taking CPAN into account, you can't
talk about Java without taking JPP into account, that's not reason
enough to move perl or java to separate repositories.

Nicolas Mailhot

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