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Re: [Fedora-packaging] fedora-newrpmspec patch for php-pear

Trying to resurrect the PHP discussion so that we can finally put this
to bed.

>>>>> "JLT" == Jason L Tibbitts, <Jason> writes:

JLT> We have nice macros which should be in FC5 soon.

As far as I can tell, the updated php-pear package isn't released yet.

JLT> * FC4.  Will these macros make it there, or do we just not target
JLT> that release?

I'm going to take this as a no.  Is it problematic that we're not
going to target FC4?

JLT> * Guidelines.  They need to be altered to take into account the
JLT> existence of these new macros.

I have done a first pass cleanup of what we have at

Still needed there:

A block of Provides and Requires for PECL modules analogous to those
for PEAR modules.

Scriptlets for PECL module registration.  Or maybe not; I have no idea
if PECL modules need to be registered in the same way that PEAR
modules are.

More comments about non-PEAR-PECL modules.

JLT> * Specfile templates.  We either need a template or
JLT> fedora-newrpmspec should call into the specfile generator module.

What happened with this?  Chris Stone had a patch; did it get reported

Is there something analogous that we could do for PECL modules?

 - J<

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