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[Fedora-packaging] Extras packages violating versioning schemes

 From all packages in Extras, the following "Release" tag styles are

  Type pre-release : 47
  Type %define rel : 1
  Type %define release : 2
  Type %define RELEASE : 0
  Type normal : 1882

The following packages violate the versioning scheme for pre-releases:

  Release: 0.20060529cvs_1%{?dist}

  Release: 0.rc4.1%{?dist}

  Release: 0.20051126.2%{?dist}

  Release: 13.rc1%{?dist}

  Release: 4.%{_rc}%{?dist}

Should be

  Release: 0.1.20060529cvs%{?dist}

  Release: 0.1.rc4%{?dist}

  Release: 0.2.20051126%{?dist}

  Release: 0.13.rc1%{?dist}

  Release: 0.4.%{_rc}%{?dist}

but that's impossible now. My version-bump script caught these, when I
started porting it from Perl to Python. And I haven't made it examine
the 1882 "normal" release tags yet. ;)

Well, a few odd cases which I have not classified yet:

  Release: 2.0%{?dist}
  Release: 2.6%{?dist}
  Release: 5.20041017%{?dist}
  Release: 0.s11.9%{?dist}
  Release: 0.pre2%{?dist}
  Release: 9.%{releasename}%{?dist}
  Release: 1%{?pre:.%{pre}}%{?dist}
  Release: 3.FC4
  Release: 3.2%{?dist}
  Release: 0%{?nm_vpnc_cvs_version}.1%{?dist}
  Release: 0.%{ghdlsvnver}svn.2%{?dist}
  Release: 1%{?prerelease:.%{prerelease}}%{?dist}

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