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[Fedora-packaging] PHP guidelines

So, is there still any interest in PHP guidelines at all?

I worked up http://fedoraproject.org/wiki/PackagingDrafts/PHP but then
Ville had an idea for a template that doesn't need any special macro
definitions to be provided by the php-pear package.  I don't know what
the current state of things is.

Is there any chance of making any forward movement soon?  We're going
to start losing packagers if we can't get some reviews done soon.

Regarding PECL modules, I looked over the php-pecl-xdebug package
which is the only PECL module under review currently.  The spec is
clean and requires two macros which I have in the above draft,
although the means for determining the  API version is completely
different.  Could someone comment on the differences and relative
strengths of:

%define php_apiver %((phpize --version 2>/dev/null || echo 'PHP Api Version: 20041225' ) | sed -n '/PHP Api Version/ s/.*:  *//p')


%define php_apiver  %((echo 0; php -i 2>/dev/null | sed -n 's/^PHP API => //p') | tail -1)

besides the obvious additional complexity of the former (and the
hilarity of having to do such gymnastics in the first place)?

 - J<

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