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Re: [Fedora-packaging] PHP guidelines

Le lundi 24 juillet 2006 à 18:26 -0700, Christopher Stone a écrit :

> Personally, I don't see the advantage to adding a bunch of extra stuff
> to the spec files just to support FC4.


> Also Ville insists on their being a %build section for an unknown
> reason.  He claims people don't know what rpm does and not having a
> %build will cause mysterious errors, when infact the rpm source code
> clealy indicates the consequences of not using %build.  These
> consequences to no affect php-pear modules, so I do not understand his
> reasoning for wanting to add a %build section to the template.

Ville is right there is you omit build you'll get many side-effects you
didn't bargain for.

Also do you never change files with sed before you install them? This
belongs in %build, not %setup or %install (the PHP SM spec for example
had a very nasty bug at a time because the packager didn't respect this
discipline and mixed install and file munging in the last section)

Nicolas Mailhot

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