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[Fedora-packaging] BuildRoot


Two quickies :

1) The current "preferred" BuildRoot which executes "id -u" isn't
useful when used with mach or mock. I have nothing against it, I just
don't feel the need to use it... as it's "preferred", I should be able
to still use any BuildRoot value I want, right? I really simply prefer
the same, but without forking a useless "id -u" execution.

Yet another discussion about this here :
(nearly all my review requests change into debates regarding useless
details... I'm surprised that no one has yet criticized the non-aligned
header lines I use ;-))

If the "preferred" term is changed to "mandatory" in the guidelines, I
will abide, but continue thinking it's plain silly, and this brings us

2) Why the heck is there still the need for BuildRoot to be defined in
each and every spec file we have!? Could we once and for all push a
sane default value into FC6 and start considering removing it once and
for all from all spec files by the time we reach FC10 or so?

Currently, if BuildRoot isn't defined, then "" is used (thus the
system's "/")... years ago this might have made sense for someone,
but nowadays I really don't think so.


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