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Re: [Fedora-packaging] PHP guidelines

chris stone gmail com said:
> I don't see this as sticking a hand in a fire.  It is simply the fact that
> removing %build does not affect php-pear packages, there is no reason to add
> it.  If not adding it causes some problem with the php-pear packages, then
> this should be identified.  So far no one has identified such problem.

One of the tenets of good software development is good documentation.
IMHO, documenting the fact that a package doesn't need a %build step is a good 
thing.  I'd much rather see a spec file with:


# Nothing to build here

than to see nothing at all.  You know that one of the steps of rpmbuild is to 
perform the %build step.  You can probably rightfully *guess* that if the 
%build isn't found, it will do nothing.

But it's like when you observe nature, looking for some exotic bird: the fact 
you do not see it doesn't necessarily mean the bird doesn't exist...

CHF 0.02...


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