[Fedora-packaging] proper way to install emacs lisp add-ons?

Jose Pedro Oliveira jpo at lsd.di.uminho.pt
Tue Jun 6 20:02:16 UTC 2006

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Tom 'spot' Callaway wrote:
> On Tue, 2006-06-06 at 20:04 +0100, Jose Pedro Oliveira wrote:
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>> Toshio,
>> [SNIP]
>>> Additionally, the %ghost trick used for both vim and emacs cleanup will
>>> cause double ownership of directories which spot says is not just
>>> deprecated but a blocker.
>> Sorry but I disagree.  Even (or better when) if rpm can remove
>> packages in the correct order there are situations you can't
>> avoid having two or more packages owning the same directory
>> (for good examples check packages in the perl namespace).
> The only time we're permitting duplicate directory ownership is when
> there is not a clear dependency tree:
> Package A uses /usr/foo to store files
> Package B uses /usr/foo to store files
> Neither package relies on anything that creates /usr/foo, and either
> package can be installed independently. Then, and ONLY then can both
> packages own /usr/foo.

What about these perl cenarios?

  Perl module A::B
  Perl module A::B::C  (and requires A::B)

1) Perl module A::B is a perl core module
   perl module A::B::C is not (CPAN)

   Different directories trees (core vs vendor).

2) Both perl modules are CPAN modules with
   different perl(:MODULE_COMPAT_xxx) requirements

   Vendor directory tree but different perl versions

3) Both perl modules are CPAN modules with the
   same perl(:MODULE_COMPAT_xxx) requirements

   Removal order.

Perl module A::B::C should always own the A directory
(also owned by A::B) or not ?

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