[Fedora-packaging] proper way to install emacs lisp add-ons?

Jose Pedro Oliveira jpo at lsd.di.uminho.pt
Wed Jun 7 08:11:21 UTC 2006

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Tom 'spot' Callaway wrote:
> On Tue, 2006-06-06 at 21:02 +0100, Jose Pedro Oliveira wrote:
>> What about these perl cenarios?
>>   Perl module A::B
>>   Perl module A::B::C  (and requires A::B)
> Thus, whenever Perl module A::B::C is installed, A::B will already be
> there. If they have a common directory, A::B should own it, not
> A::B::C. 

Not true. Both modules need to own the A directory. The A directory
may have different full paths or one of the modules A directory path
may change in the future.

>> Perl module A::B::C should always own the A directory
>> (also owned by A::B) or not ?
> No. Package at the top of the dependency chain should own it. So, if
> A::B is the top, then it should own the A directory, since A::B::C can't
> go in without A::B.

Both modules need to own the A directory.

Assume again that we have two perl modules from CPAN

  1) A::B
  2) A::B::C     which requires A::B

let's also assume that both modules were both build
with the same perl version (eg: 5.8.8)

  1) A::B owns the

  2) A::B::C only owns the
     directory (as you want)

In a couple of months perl 5.8.9 gets released
and a little latter one of the modules gets updated
(let's assume A::B).

Now the module A::B gets rebuild and it now owns

When you upgrade the module A::B the directory
will be unowned.

Remember that Fedora Core perl maintains several
old perl paths in its directory search path. Just
see the output of "perl -V" or print the value
of the @INC array.

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