[Fedora-packaging] Re: [Bug 192912] Review Request: paps

Jason L Tibbitts III tibbs at math.uh.edu
Fri Jun 16 16:16:32 UTC 2006

>>>>> "RC" == Ralf Corsepius <rc040203 at freenet.de> writes:

RC> I'd recommend to start with V: 2.7.0 and R: 1%{?dist} and to
RC> increment the Release tag, when a newer pre release or a final
RC> tarball is released and exchanged inside of the spec.

If 2.7.0 doesn't actually exist yet, though, it's a bit disingenuous
to release a package that indicates that it is 2.7.0.  I recall that
this has caused problems with various upstream developers in the past.

In the case of dejavu, a snapshot is being packaged and the naming
guidelines are quite clear on what the package should be named in that
case.  Unfortunately fixing it now would require that the version go
backwards (or something horrible like an epoch bump).

 - J<

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