[Fedora-packaging] Mono packaging guidelines

Paul paul at all-the-johnsons.co.uk
Fri Jun 16 23:17:50 UTC 2006


This is what has come to pass so far...

1. If the application just uses mcs and doesn't call gcc anywhere, then
it should be BuildArch: noarch - if it is mixed, stick with a buildarch
2. Because %configure isn't playing ball with noarch, you must define a
target - don't worry what the target is, it'll be ignored
3. Due to a bug in rpmbuild with noarch (BZ 195487), the libdir hack is
still required to ensure packages are built on 64 bit architecture
4. Lots of the errors thrown up by rpmlint can be ignored as mono apps
are not ELF
5. Stick with putting things in /usr/lib rather than %{_datadir} - this
is inline with upstream and other distros

[*] The exceptions here are anything built using nant (such as boo) -
you can't specify the architecture (from what I can see)

Can I have some comments back so that this can move forward to the
packager committee on high?


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