[Fedora-packaging] Re: Fedora Packaging Member forking Fedora/Causing problems with community and users

Rex Dieter rdieter at math.unl.edu
Mon Nov 20 14:49:43 UTC 2006

Christopher Stone wrote:

> On 10/18/06, Tom 'spot' Callaway <tcallawa at redhat.com> wrote:

>> I even think it would be more productive to highlight the FC or
>> FE packages that atrpms is providing overrides for, and start a
>> discussion around why these packages exist, and if there exists the
>> possibility to merge the changes into the FC or FE package and retire
>> the atrpms packages. I'm sure that Axel would welcome that discussion,
>> as less packages means less work for him. :)
> I have filed over one-hundred bugs a month ago, and while some Fedora
> users made an effort to try and reduce the conflicts, Axel has not
> made a single response to a single bug report.

spot's suggestion was to start a (constructive) dialog regarding this issue. 
IMO, mass-filing formletter-type bugs is certainly no way to go about that,
and I'm not a bit surprised by Axel's (non)response.

-- Rex

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